Friday, June 28, 2013

Phunkie O: Week 9

No changes. I think I may have hit a plateau. The next two weeks are going to be hectic, moving apartments and traveling. Once I'm settled, I might start running again. My current schedule is: 

Power Training 3x/week
Zumba 1-2x/week

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bumight: week x

Here are my stats:
Weight: ??
Waist: 28.8
Bust: 35.5
Hips: 39.5
Thighs: 20.8, 20.5
Arms: 12

This month, I've been consistently running like a thief! Lol,  I've clocked 49 miles already with a best time of 36:16.
Strength training has averaged like 3-4 times a week. I'm up to 155 Ibs on the squat rack, dead lifts of  135 Ibs.

So yesterday we were at the gym and a guy was hovering around the leg press machine. So we asked him if he was using it, he was like, you can use it with me, I just want to warm up. He then proceeded to press 180 Ibs! We were standing there thinking "you just disrespected my workout by calling it your warmup!" Lol, s we had to press 50 Ibs up.  Morale of the story: I now press 230 Ibs!

I'm trying better with my diet. I'm back to eating bread since I didnt see any major changes in the 3 weeks I cut out bread. S I eat organic whole grain bread. I'm meal prepping and I do well for breakfast, lunch and snacks before it disintegrates at dinner. ( I had amazing banga soup for the first time this week!)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

July is Tabata

Hello Ladies!

How are y'all doing? Hope you saw some positive changes with the Plank for June Challenge. This month, let's step things up a notch with Tabata.

Tabata is a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It is way more than just your regular Cardio session. HIIT improves both your Cardiovascular System as well as your Muscular System. Incorporating HIIT workouts into your fitness regimen will not only ensure fat loss, it will also guarantee the "toned" muscle look that we all desire!

The best thing about Tabata workouts in my opinion is that it is only 4 minutes long. If you can get your head in the game for 4 minutes, then you are good to go. Because it is only 4 minutes long, I advise you to challenge yourself to push as hard as you can on each workout. It will only take 4 minutes of your day!

Also, because it is so short, you can do these work outs in addition to your regular fitness regimen.

What does a Tabata routine look like?

It is made up of 8 rounds of

20 secs work
10 secs rest

You go hard for 20 secs, rest for 10 secs and repeat again for 8 rounds. Easy as A,B,C.

This month, we will have 5 different workouts. We will have a(n) Glutes Tabata, Abs Tabata, Cardio Tabata, Strength Tabata and a Total Body Tabata Circuit.

What I did was make a list of my favorite exercise for each category and combine them in a sequence of some sorts.

I have never programmed an exercise routine for people before now. This is my first time and I will definitely love feedback from y'all.

Tabata July 

(Total Body)
20s Air Squats
10s Rest
20s Lunges (L)
10s Rest
20s Lunges (R)
10s Rest
20s Bridge
10s Rest
20s Donkey Kicks (L)
10s Rest
20s Donkey Kicks (R)
10s Rest
20s Side Kick (L)
10s Rest
20s Side Kick (R)

20s Sprint
10s Rest
20s Jumping Jacks
10s Rest
20s Sprint
10s Rest
20s High Knees
10s Rest
20s Sprint
10s Rest
20s Jump Rope
10s Rest
20s Sprint
10s Rest
20s Burpees

20s Crunches
10s Rest
20s Bicycle Crunches
10s Rest
20s Reverse Crunches
10s Rest
20s Russian Twists
10s Rest
20s Superman
10s Rest
20s Plank Twists
10s Rest
20s Flutter Kicks
10s Rests
20s Toe Touch Crunches

20s Push-Ups
10s Rest
20s Chair Dips
10s Rest
20s Air Punches
10s Rest
20s Squat & Press
10s Rest
20s Lateral Row
10s Rest
20s Bicep Curls (L)
10s Rest
20s Bicep Curls (R)
10s Rest
20s Squat Jumps

20s Air Squats
10s Rest
20s Bicycle Crunches
10s Rest
20s Jumping Jacks
10s Rest
20s Push-Ups
10s Rest
20s Bridge
10s Rest
20s Flutter Kicks
10s Rest
20s Burpees
10s Rest
20s Chair Dips



Exercise Movements

Let's get fit!

Be well,

Phunkie O

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beautiful - Week 9

Everyone is on week 9 so i'll just jump right into that as well.

I stopped at week 5 and I purposely didn't check the scale because I had an event coming up and I didn't want anything that would make me sad or stuff. I also ate ALOT because there happened to be abundance of food. Food is sweeter when you don't go through the stress of making it and my folks were even feeding me every 5 minutes because according to them I'm not meant to look pale.

The scale surely went back up but not as much as I predicted in my head for all the stuffs I ate. I got back to base last week but was too scared to check the scale though I didn't stop eating as there was still abundance of food. I have resorted to get back on the clean eating programme today so I got back on the scale.

I couldn't take a picture as the weight kept flashing off the screen immediately I stepped off and my husband wasn't home to help me take a pic of the weight while I was on the scale. Would try and remember to take one when there's someone to help take a picture and update this post. 

Up by 1.3kg as I weighed 101.7 before I travelled.

Week 8 Statistics.
Weight - 102
Bust - 43
Waist - 35
Hips - 48

kaura week 8

weighing in at186lbs. No significant change in diet or exercise this week. I did go out to eat during the weekend (For a friend's birthday) but I didn't necessarily over eat.

Monday, June 24, 2013

MSMT week 8

doctors office thursday June 20th...weight 194 pounds..
went to gymn.....saturday June 3 days guest pass...
1st zumba class today..June 24th.. enjoyed it...didnt stay for full class..... cos i did an hr on treadmill before class...
will join gymn next week monday.. going to Charlotte NC on wednesday for ANPA conference #Jesushelpme.....

Adede-Week 7, 8 and 9

I took the weights but they never made it to the blog.

Week 7: 228.5
Week 8: 228
Week 9: 226.2

I'll be adding Bikram Yoga to the "Things I Actually Like To Do To Lose Weight" list. I tried it a couple of times before and like all physical activities that make me sweat, I hated it while doing it but loved the feeling after. Bikram yoga is simply yoga done in a extremely hot room almost like a sauna, but hotter. But really does help in strengthening your core plus you sweat and in my book sweat means weight loss.

~Sirius~ Week 9

Weight 69.5kg  Breaking Bands here!!!
Waist: 28"
Bust: 37"
Hips: 40"
Height: 5ft 7"

Week one at the gym was awesome!! I went in screaming I'm here to lift weights, forget that cardio shit. The instructor tried to warn me to calm down. I was feeling hardcore, had @bumight's instagram picture of her squatting in my head, by the time the instructor started with me....I didn't show up at the gym on friday:), all my shakara was out the window. It was like i hadn't even been working out prior to when i started at the gym. Trained for all of 5 days and rested for 2 (Sat & Sun)

The results = Fabulous!
My body is getting more definition, and this is only 1 week after.
Weight training makes all the difference, said goodbye to my free weights at home. (well, getting heavier ones)

I will try and take before pics now, so I can track 1 month from now.

Back to the grind..........Birthday & wedding anniversary on Sunday.
Excited much *grinning*.....Pass me the glass of champagne and some good cake....

~Sirius~ Signing out.....XoXo

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sting- Week 8

I took this monday morning but forgot to actually put it on here. I haven't been less than this weight since 2009. I always get to this point and then start adding again back to the 160s.

My surgery rotation ends next week. I really want to get back to working out because i am losing my stamina and starting to pant again whenever i exert myself.

July Challenge Anyone?

Hey Ladies,

How are we doing on our Plank Challenge for June. Yesterday's Plank Hold was super rough for me. I almost failed on it but thank God for strength. Lord knows I was cussing and yelling towards the end.

I was thinking of creating a challenge for us for July. Is anyone interested? I want to know before hand so I don't draw up a calender full of workouts and then nobody wants to do them but me.

Let me know guys! I have something in mind that will be great (read effective workout) for us all.

Be well,

Phunkie O

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Forgot! x_ x. Isha's Weigh In - Week 8. HELP!

92.3 kg now. Not sure about the other measurements tho.

I've been doing my cardio but I still get out of breath after climbing the stairs a couple of times. I still can't run for long. I need to build stamina.

Help please! What else can I do?

~Sirius~ Week 8

NO picture!

Went up the scale by 0.4kilos.
Lazy workout week.

I signed up at the gym on Monday, finally!, now it's the waiting period....the weight goes up before it begins to come down. Lifting and pushing much more than my  dumbbells at home.
This had better reduce my waistline!

Some more info, you should watch the video below, and if you have the time, read the link beneath it as well.

Ladies, this is for you...

Happy Losing!

~Srius~ signing out....XoXo

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weight Lifting / Strength Training Tips

Sirius just made a comment about weight lifting on Bumight's post, so I thought I'd share some of the things I've been taught about lifting, and strength training in general.

1. Ditch the heavy weights. Except you are body building or wrestling, for example, you do not need heavy weights. As with all your diet and weight loss activities, the following principle also applies to weight lifting: 'Quality over Quantity'. For toning and shaping, you only need smaller weights and your body weight. Instead of straining your muscles to do 1 set of 10 reps of curls with a 15lb dumbbell, do 3 sets of 20 with 5lb weights. Engage your body weight with push ups, pull ups, leg raises, arm raises, planks, etc.

2. Mix it up. Don't over work any muscle groups. Set up a calendar that helps you properly schedule your strength training in a way that your muscles have time to rest and repair before you work them again. If you do biceps, triceps and shoulders on Monday, hit HBT (Hips, Butt and Thighs) on Tuesday, then ABs on Wednesday, etc. Your muscles with thank you for being kind to them.

3. Be Consistent. Muscles are like high-maintenance girlfriends. They need constant attention. Don't abandon them. Keep showing love by working them out. If you ignore them, they become rebellious and turn to fat.

4. Don't forget the cardio! You have to make sure that you are not just building muscles under layers of fat. Muscle training doesn't replace Cardiovascular activities in your weight loss / workout program. Keep your heart rate up. Rope Jumping, Jogging, Step Aerobics, Swimming, etc are good ways to get your cardio in.

5. Eat Right Baby. Don't be scared to count calories. Listen to your stomach. Don't overload it. Don't stuff it with a heavy dose of carbs if it will be just fine with veggies. Be kind to your behind.

Today, I wore those jeans!

I have a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to wear for over a year now. I made up all sorts of justifications/excuses, finally concluding that I didn't need to be wearing light-wash jeans anyway, as they weren't good for my figure... LOL.

Today, I slipped into them and they fit! My stomach and the belt buckle were on the same level (no muffin top), and my thighs didn't feel strangled. I felt so good that I tucked in my blouse!

Now, I'm pumped about this little white number that I've been itching to wear for a while now. I think Saturday will be the day. Hot-Boys-at-the-Wedding here I come!!!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

kaura's week 7

I'm at 184lbs. I haven't done much this week, because of exams.Unless you count the one time I took the stairs from my apartment up 16 flights of stairs because of a this big rottweiler. I was about to enter the elevator one day, when I saw this skinny short guy (I'm 5ft 4in) with this beast of a dog no chain, no leash, nothing and then he had the nerve to say "oh she doesn't bite, she's just really playful". The thing was just staring at me and salivating  like, "mmm this one has enough meat"
I was like no, I don't like that kind of  play.

 Ok food wise, i haven't had much junk food besides Milo,( I like to eat the Milo dry without any water) but not in excess. I haven't really had time to cook anything or buy anything so it's just been Milo, tuna and frozen vegetables (sometimes with quinoa) or all bran cereal. That's my week so far.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bumight: Week 6/7

I'm too happy to lose weight! Whenever I'm sad/going through a break up, i lose like 10 Ibs in a week! like the weight just drops off me! I think right now I'm just too happy for the weight to come off! lol.

I'm not even going to bother posting a picture, because as at this morning, I'm back at 163 Ibs. I was telling my boyfriend that I'm going to stop going to the gym and go to coldstone and order the biggest size they had as I'm not losing weight! However, a friend of mine who hadnt seen me in a while saw my pictures and was like "you've lost weight!". I said "err...No", then he said I look leaner.
Actually, I know I look leaner because I take progress pictures every so often and nowadays I dont even bother because my thighs are noticeable melting away and shaping up.

So I've decided no more weighing myself! Apart from it being discouraging I don't see how else its helping. I'm still going to measure myself though...maybe every 2 weks.

My routine: This month I've been running like I stole something. I average about 13-15 miles per week. which is about 30mins of cardio, 5 times a week. I strength train 4 times a week as well. I recently began lifting weights. WEIGHTED SQUATS IS THE TRUTH!!! .

These will be my new ways of tracking my progress:
1. runnig my 4 miles in less time : current time 37 mins (on a good day :))
2. Squatting more weights
3. bench pressing more weights.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Phunkie O: Week 7

Weight still at 134.6 lbs from last week. Ugh!

Like Okeoghene, I've had an emotionally tasking few weeks and sugar and alcohol have been my crutches of choice. Also I haven't worked out much.

Changing all that this week. I made my meals for the week on Sunday and my gym flow will hopefully be on point.

My current short-term goal is to get to 130 lbs.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sting Week 7

So this is typical for me, to lose weight until i get to 153-154lbs, then i start going back up again and end right back at 163. I've been doing this for the last 3 years and it's because i get comfortable and start eating crap again. Case in point, i made some rice yesterday, had chinese on Friday, had Indian food on Saturday. Stuff i haven't eaten or barely eaten this year. I am a classic example of someone who can lose weight when they eat right.

We'll see how next week goes. It would be awesome to get below 150lbs. The last time i saw that was 2009 and 2009 was also the first time i went above 150lbs in my life and i have pretty much stayed there. I need to motivate myself to keep at it because one of my goals for this year was to no longer be overweight (according to my BMI), so that would be 149lbs for me.

I would like to thank my surgery rotation for helping me eat less :)

As for exercising, I haven't been to the gym in over 2 weeks, also, thanks for Surgery.

Okeoghene- Week 7 weigh in

Hi Healthy Living friends,

Hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the week so far? I am also doing good, though not losing as much weight as I would like.

I didnt record my stats last week, on to this week.

Weight - 180lbs * I seem to have gained all the weight I lost so far, so it seems like I am back to square one but with a better endurance*
Waist- 32''
Hips- 42"
Thigh- 24"

I didn't do much exercise last week and I going through an emotional wringer makes me eat more. Anyways that is all behind me, I am back in the business of healthy living.

Have a great week.

PS: Will post pictures tomorrow, my usb cable is faulty.

~Sirius~ Week 7

Height: 5ft 7”
Weight: 70.4kg
Bust: 37.5"
Waist 28.25"
Hips 40.25"

0.5kg lost.

Pretty decent for a week where I didn't workout once and my eating was one kind.
My body was not just in the mood to move, so I didn't bother it.
Had to travel for a funeral on Thursday, came back on Saturday. Tired.

It's still slow and steady here.
I've lost about a total of 10 kilos since my journey began.

I will keep pushing until I am satisfied with what I see in the mirror.

Happy losing people...

~Sirius~ signing out.....XoXo

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Updates - Isha

Hi Family,

I'm sorry that I've been MIA. This is Week 7 yeah? My weight didn't change for two weeks, a bit disappointing, but I didn't lose hope.

Now I'm sort of back on the grind, but I hope that the things I have to do over the next few weeks won't mess up my weight loss groove.

I recently left my job, so I've been home, and this has really helped my 'Fasted Training' program. I didn't even know there was a name for it till I read about it on here. My trainer just said 'workout on an empty stomach, ie. first thing in the morning or before dinner (that's if you've had little or no lunch)'.

Some other pointers I've been using:
* No carbs after 4pm (there have been some slip ups here and there tho x_x)
* Lots of fruits, veggies and fluids, they help maintain my internal plumbing.
* Tell myfitnesspal the truth, it helps gauge my proteins+oils to carbs ratio. Helpful stuff.

Anyways, current stats:
Weight - 93.9kg (total of 4.6kg/~10lb lost since I started my fitness journey)
Height - Same *sigh*
Waist, Hips, Bust, Thighs - I need to check again in about a week, for correct values.
Arm - 14.5"


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

kaura's week 6

I am at  184lbs. Not too bad.
I've started/just subscribed to this youtube channel It has a variety of  workout videos from jane fonda, to jillian michaels.
 I've also started "twerksercising" lol i kid i kid, it's basically just dancing to hood music for about 30mins anything to stay active. As far as eating I'm just trying to ease into this healthy eating thing,my body doesn't react well to cutting out everything,  so I try to have mostly vegetables and fruit with my meals but still eating what I normally eat, like rice and stew but with more vegetables than rice, indomie (ramen) with lots of greens (like kale. spinach lettuce) and instead of four slices of bread and cheese, just 2 with 100calorie pack of almonds. (I've stopped ordering junk food).

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Phunkie O: Week 6

I gained weight. Will be back to post pictures. I gained approx 1.5 lbs. Not really surprised though. This past week was the TOM week where my sugar cravings go overboard. I've also been majorly stressed out and not drinking nearly enough water. Will strive to do better this week.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Adede Week 6

227 lbs
Much more of a gain than the one pound from last week. I'll be doing the June plank and so more stuff at the gym. I think its the food. Any healthy recommendations that are actually tasty?

Sting week 6

Down 2lbs ds week (8lbs total)

Vascular surgery is about to take my life!
It's 8pm and i am sitting here typing n nodding off.

~Sirius~ Week 6

Height: 5ft 7”
Weight: 70.9kg
Bust: 37.5"
Waist 28.8"
Hips 40.8"

1.1kg lost.

Things are looking good.
Still on the same routine, added some brisk walking for steady state cardio.
Lifting 3 times a week.
Living off Veggies+protein+fats. Nothing processed/packaged or canned. No dairy No grains/legumes, No soy, No fruits per say (1-2 a week)
No cravings or hunger pangs.

It's really funny how I've always know diet (scratch that) healthy eating and exercise = weight loss.
However healthy eating has to be at a deficit, meaning Less calories in: More calories out.

I have 4 milestones to achieve on this journey.

  1. Fit into my non stretch pre pregnancy jeans without struggling. Achieved!
  2. Weigh 68kg (my pre pregnancy weight). Almost there
  3. Lose all the jiggling. Hmmm
  4. Get a 6 pack. One day.

Weight training is actually transforming my body, I am not yet at 68kilos which is my pre pregnancy weight, however my waistline is already smaller than it used to be and like wise my hips.

This journey requires a LOT of patience, consistency, strong will and determination, but truth is if I can see the results then it is worth it! and what's even better is that I don't feel like I am on a diet or starving.

My birthday/wedding anniversary is in 28 days, Excited much!!
Cake & Champagne all the way....Wooo Hooo!!

Have a great week people.....

~Sirius~ signing out...XoXo