Friday, February 20, 2015

Back and better!

Hello people,

Happy new year to you all.

I haven't been here in a longggg time. Lets keep the blog alive.

I have been exercising consistently since November 2014 till date and it has definitely been worth it. I have also been off bad carbs (rice and co) and have been eating pretty healthy.

I work out in the morning and at night. I run 4km every morning which takes me about 30 minutes and I run the stairs too for about 30 minutes. Running or walking up the stairs burns a lot of calories. I downloaded an app called endomondo which I use to measure my performance.

My first weigh in on this blog was in June or July 2014 where I weighed 73.7kg, now I weigh 68.4kg and I am aiming to lose about 8kg. It really feels good to see results and I have promised myself to never look back, as a a matter of fact, my greatest fear is gaining all the weight I have lost.

I will keep updating and I would love to read from y'all.