Saturday, June 15, 2013

kaura's week 7

I'm at 184lbs. I haven't done much this week, because of exams.Unless you count the one time I took the stairs from my apartment up 16 flights of stairs because of a this big rottweiler. I was about to enter the elevator one day, when I saw this skinny short guy (I'm 5ft 4in) with this beast of a dog no chain, no leash, nothing and then he had the nerve to say "oh she doesn't bite, she's just really playful". The thing was just staring at me and salivating  like, "mmm this one has enough meat"
I was like no, I don't like that kind of  play.

 Ok food wise, i haven't had much junk food besides Milo,( I like to eat the Milo dry without any water) but not in excess. I haven't really had time to cook anything or buy anything so it's just been Milo, tuna and frozen vegetables (sometimes with quinoa) or all bran cereal. That's my week so far.

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