Monday, June 3, 2013

~Sirius~ Week 6

Height: 5ft 7”
Weight: 70.9kg
Bust: 37.5"
Waist 28.8"
Hips 40.8"

1.1kg lost.

Things are looking good.
Still on the same routine, added some brisk walking for steady state cardio.
Lifting 3 times a week.
Living off Veggies+protein+fats. Nothing processed/packaged or canned. No dairy No grains/legumes, No soy, No fruits per say (1-2 a week)
No cravings or hunger pangs.

It's really funny how I've always know diet (scratch that) healthy eating and exercise = weight loss.
However healthy eating has to be at a deficit, meaning Less calories in: More calories out.

I have 4 milestones to achieve on this journey.

  1. Fit into my non stretch pre pregnancy jeans without struggling. Achieved!
  2. Weigh 68kg (my pre pregnancy weight). Almost there
  3. Lose all the jiggling. Hmmm
  4. Get a 6 pack. One day.

Weight training is actually transforming my body, I am not yet at 68kilos which is my pre pregnancy weight, however my waistline is already smaller than it used to be and like wise my hips.

This journey requires a LOT of patience, consistency, strong will and determination, but truth is if I can see the results then it is worth it! and what's even better is that I don't feel like I am on a diet or starving.

My birthday/wedding anniversary is in 28 days, Excited much!!
Cake & Champagne all the way....Wooo Hooo!!

Have a great week people.....

~Sirius~ signing out...XoXo


  1. good job! so no carbs at all?
    what do your meals look like?

  2. Veggies are carbs, and if weight loss is your goal, they are the only carbs you need, except on the days you weight train, those days you are allowed tubers (sweet potatoes/yam)

    Meals range from veggie omelets, to pepper soup, okra soup.

    Most staple meals are my sautéed veggies (any and every- I don't use tomatoes and cucumbers because of the water they contain) with chopped turkey/chicken/fish/snail/egg whites any available animal protein I can find, using olive oil.

    I have avocado & cashew nuts, and of course lots of water and green tea.

    The most important thing is that I try 95% of the time to have a balanced meal containing all 3 (veggies+protein+fat)