Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beautiful - Week 9

Everyone is on week 9 so i'll just jump right into that as well.

I stopped at week 5 and I purposely didn't check the scale because I had an event coming up and I didn't want anything that would make me sad or stuff. I also ate ALOT because there happened to be abundance of food. Food is sweeter when you don't go through the stress of making it and my folks were even feeding me every 5 minutes because according to them I'm not meant to look pale.

The scale surely went back up but not as much as I predicted in my head for all the stuffs I ate. I got back to base last week but was too scared to check the scale though I didn't stop eating as there was still abundance of food. I have resorted to get back on the clean eating programme today so I got back on the scale.

I couldn't take a picture as the weight kept flashing off the screen immediately I stepped off and my husband wasn't home to help me take a pic of the weight while I was on the scale. Would try and remember to take one when there's someone to help take a picture and update this post. 

Up by 1.3kg as I weighed 101.7 before I travelled.

Week 8 Statistics.
Weight - 102
Bust - 43
Waist - 35
Hips - 48

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