Friday, August 9, 2013

Bumight: Final weigh in

Weight: 152.5
Waist: 28
hips: 39

Starting weight was 163.5,
Waist: 30
Hips: 40

I lost a total of 11 Ibs, even though my gol was to lose 15 Ibs. My weight fluctuated a lot, and I almost always hovered around 160/159. I lost more inches, and saw better progress with my measurements than on the scale. Also I didn't just become a smaller version of myself, my whole body changed! Slimmer thighs and more definition in my mid region.
My new goal is to lose 10 more Ibs.

So this month, my challenge is to do 1,000 burpees.burpees are an excellent <del> most hated</del> excercise that works almost all muscle groups. I'm currently 340 burpees in, and it hurts to laugh as my abs and back are almost always sore, love it!

I'm definitely going to keep challenging myself and working out. I might not stp on the scale often again, because the scale is the most inaccurate method to track progress. I worried about the scale not moving more often that I almost failed to recognize the other ways I have progressed.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Isha - Final Weigh In

Starting Stats
Weight: 97.8kg
Waist: 38in
Height: 5'4" (or so)
Bust: 43in
Hips: 48in
Thigh: 30.5in

Current Stats
Weight: 94.3kg (3.5kg)
Waist: 36.5in
Height: 5'4" (or so)
Bust: 39.5in
Hips: 46.5in
Thigh: 28.5in

My lowest weight during this program was 92.3kg. We had a Prayer and Fasting session in June, so my irregular eating habits musta 'helped'. My clothes still fit better than before I started paying attention to what I eat. I'm a lot hungrier than before though, but I hear that's not too far fetched. 

I'm continuing on this journey though, if this blog is still up, I'll keep posting. 

Thank you ladies. 

Sting - Final weigh in

Weighed myself this morning.....148lbs. Was running late so couldn't take a picture. Actually in a lecture right now typing this.

Waist was 30.5. I think it was 34 inches when we started. Pictures later.

I will start again next week for those who want to continue. Atoskin, you can restart with me/us if you want or continue. Either way works.