Monday, June 24, 2013

~Sirius~ Week 9

Weight 69.5kg  Breaking Bands here!!!
Waist: 28"
Bust: 37"
Hips: 40"
Height: 5ft 7"

Week one at the gym was awesome!! I went in screaming I'm here to lift weights, forget that cardio shit. The instructor tried to warn me to calm down. I was feeling hardcore, had @bumight's instagram picture of her squatting in my head, by the time the instructor started with me....I didn't show up at the gym on friday:), all my shakara was out the window. It was like i hadn't even been working out prior to when i started at the gym. Trained for all of 5 days and rested for 2 (Sat & Sun)

The results = Fabulous!
My body is getting more definition, and this is only 1 week after.
Weight training makes all the difference, said goodbye to my free weights at home. (well, getting heavier ones)

I will try and take before pics now, so I can track 1 month from now.

Back to the grind..........Birthday & wedding anniversary on Sunday.
Excited much *grinning*.....Pass me the glass of champagne and some good cake....

~Sirius~ Signing out.....XoXo


  1. Woohoo! Congrats.

    Do you have a favorite weightlifting movement?

  2. Dead lifts!!!
    I swear by them.

    But there's a move the instructor made us do....a compound move.

    Dumbbells on the floor at starting position.
    Then it starts with a biceps lift, from there to a curl, then a lift again to head level, then behind the head and round to the other side then drop" all with one arm, then you repeat the lift from the other side.

    It was very effective on the obliques & glutes.

    We did 2 sets of 20 with 5kg dumbbell, and final set of 20 with 7.5kg dumbbells
    and he counted complete 2 sides and 1 rep!

  3. Sorry! make that torso, obliques and back

  4. I love DLs as well. My favorite is Squats (Back and Front). Looking to increase my 1 Rep Max results. Currently at 180 lbs (1 RM)

    What your Instructor had you do sounds like a Dumb bell Complex. Does are awesome.

    For some reason, I find DB workouts harder than Barbell workouts. May be because my dominant arm is way stronger than my non-dominant arm...oh well!