Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bumight: week x

Here are my stats:
Weight: ??
Waist: 28.8
Bust: 35.5
Hips: 39.5
Thighs: 20.8, 20.5
Arms: 12

This month, I've been consistently running like a thief! Lol,  I've clocked 49 miles already with a best time of 36:16.
Strength training has averaged like 3-4 times a week. I'm up to 155 Ibs on the squat rack, dead lifts of  135 Ibs.

So yesterday we were at the gym and a guy was hovering around the leg press machine. So we asked him if he was using it, he was like, you can use it with me, I just want to warm up. He then proceeded to press 180 Ibs! We were standing there thinking "you just disrespected my workout by calling it your warmup!" Lol, s we had to press 50 Ibs up.  Morale of the story: I now press 230 Ibs!

I'm trying better with my diet. I'm back to eating bread since I didnt see any major changes in the 3 weeks I cut out bread. S I eat organic whole grain bread. I'm meal prepping and I do well for breakfast, lunch and snacks before it disintegrates at dinner. ( I had amazing banga soup for the first time this week!)


  1. Err...I doubt if I could do all this heaviness. What are your reps like?

  2. Each set s 10 reps. I do one warm up set and 3 sets per exercise. Though from next week, I'm going higher on the weights with sets of 6-8

  3. Ok, 1 more question.

    Do you do your 3 sets for each move back to back, or you do 1 set of each move, then start at the top again until you complete all 3 sets?

    Make that 2 questions, what are the benefits doing 3 straight reps of 1 move.

  4. That's called a superset. I only superset when I'm doing upper body. So I might do dumbbell curls, standing DB press, DB shrugs, tricep curls 10 sets of each back to back.

    Super sets make your workout feel more like cardio (your Hr ones up) and it also builds strength and endurance.

  5. Do you do your strength training in combination with your workout if the day? Or you just do straight lifting sets?

  6. Lifting weights is strength training. I do upper body days and lower body days. SMe days I might finish with 15-20 mins cardio.
    Maybe I'm not getting your question, but my workout of the day is usually lifting sets. Hope I've answered ur question? :|