Friday, May 31, 2013

Plank For June

Hey Ladies!

For the month of June, I will be taking on a Plank Challenge. I created this calender to share with you guys just in case any one was interested in doing it with me.

The Challenge?

Do a Plank Hold for the stipulated time shown in the calender. This is how to do a Plank Hold

I always try to smile or laugh while planking because it helps to engage my abs muscles and so the workout becomes even more effective.

To add variety and complexity to this challenge, this is what I am going to be doing.

1. On days with an Odd number time (e.g. 35 secs, 45 secs), I will do Plank Twists for the last 15 - 20 secs.

2. On days with an Even number time (e.g. 40 secs, 50 secs), I will do a Side Plank Hold for half the time per side. So if it is 50 secs, I will do a Side Plank on each side for 25 secs per side.

This is the Calender:

~ June 2013 ~


30 secs

35 secs

40 secs

45 secs

50 secs

55 secs

60 secs

1 min 5 secs

1 min 10 secs

1 min 15 secs

1 min 20 secs

1 min 25 secs

1 min 30 secs

1 min 35 secs

1 min 40 secs

1 min 45 secs

1 min 50 secs

1 min 55 secs

2 mins

2 mins 5 secs


2 mins 10 secs

2 mins 15 secs

2 mins 20 secs


2 mins 25 secs

2 mins 30 secs

2 mins 35 secs

2 mins 40 secs

2 mins 45 secs

2 mins 50 secs

2 mins 55 secs

Let's do this Ladies! It'll be hard at first but I promise, it gets better!!!

Be well,

Phunkie O

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

kaura's week 5

weigh in : 186lbs
so I gained weight. (wonderful). I noticed that when I eat healthy I'm weak and tired, but let me order barbeque  chicken from dominos, and all the energy is back. I bought a protein shake to see if that would help, not really so I use it as milk to eat my cereal. Safe to say this was my worst week as far as healthy eating.I mean, from morning to about afternoon, I eat basically healthy meals, (All bran cereal for breakfast and quinoa, tuna, frozen vegetables for lunch) by night time it becomes something else. I want to see if I can get a referral for a nutritionist.The annoying thing for me is that I know what the healthy things to eat are, but sugar and fats make so happy (until i can't fit in my clothes). I'm not even going to stress about it.


Im afraid to weigh myself this week...
will do before end of the week

Bumight: Week 4

I think my scale might be broken as I'm back up to 161 Ibs!!! *sigh* lol.

I did better on my measurements though
waist: 29.5 (-0.5)
Abdomen: 33
Hips: 39.5 (-0.5)
Thighs: L21, R 20.5 (-1)

So I'm down 2 inches! and my waist is in the twenties! its the little victories like these that count. I've decided to stay off bread for two weeks. My boyfriend keeps insisting on rewarding me with Ice cream everytime I pass a milestone! I'm learning how to say No  though :) so Instead of the middle size (love it) at Coldstone I now get the small size (like it), lol.

Phunkie O: Week 5


Weight is holding at 133 lbs.

Waist and Hips are now 30.5 and 38.5 inches respectively. Down 0.5 inches from last week.

In June, I'll be starting my Clean Eating Challenge for the month. I'm also starting my Strength Training (Power and Olympic Lifting) back up. I miss weights and now my month long hiatus is over, can't wait to hit the barbells.

I will be doing a 30 Day Plank Challenge as well in June. Does any one want to do this with me? I did it in February and the results were AMAZING! My core became stronger and trimmer. Basically, you start Day 1 at 30 secs, and add 5 secs each day. By Day 30, we would be at almost 3 mins Plank Hold. If people are interested, I will draw up a calender and post on here!

Be well,

Phunkie O

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fasted Training, Stubborn Fat and Weight Loss

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to share something that I do from time to time that helps with weight loss and reduction of stubborn fat.

Let me introduce you to Fasted Training. I was introduced to Fasted Training about 3 years ago and I'll try to summarize my personal research into this post.

Fasted Training can be a Fasted Cardio Workout or a Fasted Strength Training Workout.

What is Fasted Training?

Like the name implies, Fasted training is training that occurs in a Fasted State. So, what is the Fasted State? The Fasted State (not religiously o) is a period usually 8 -12 hours after your last meal. So typically, when you wake up in the morning, you have "fasted" through the night. Your first meal of the day "breaks" that "fast".

The prime time to do a fasted training is in the morning before you have breakfast. Why? because it is convenient. It is easier to fast through the night, than to fast through the entire day and then workout!

So why train fasted?

1. Because in a fasted state, your body has zero to no sugar floating around in your blood stream and your liver glycogen stores are probably low at this time, your body HAS NO CHOICE but to break down stubborn fat as a source of energy. Fats contain more calorific energy (  9 cals) than sugar (4 cals).

2. Training fasted improves your Metabolic Conditioning. Our metabolism affects the way our body function from fat utilization to glucose uptake to hormone secretion..EVERYTHING! Training fasted helps condition your metabolism. It gives your system a jolt, and that jolt will help "tune" your system to run more efficiently.

3. Training fasted improves your glucose sensitivity in the short term. Weight gain, Obesity and almost every disease condition has an underlying factor known as "glucose resistance". This means that body is not sensitive to glucose. It therefore takes a LOT of glucose for your body to start producing insulin to bring the glucose levels down. This leads to weight gain, over time diabetes, and other disease conditions.

How to Train in a Fasted State 

1. 15 mins to your workout, take some BCAA (branched Chain Amino Acids), if you don't have that, use some Whey Protein or like me, the egg white of 1 boiled egg.

2. Workout should be 30-45 mins long

3. A light meal post workout. Or a protein shake.

4. Eat breakfast

NOTE: If you are hard core, you can skip the pre workout protein. However, keep in mind over time, this will lead to muscle mass. So apply caution.

Who Should Train Fasted

Anyone looking to lose stubborn fat.

How Often Should I do This?

Once a week. Not more than 3 times a week or you'll start to lose muscle mass.

NOTE: Fasted Training is not a magic pill. Everything in Moderation. You have to eat and sleep adequately for this work. Over-doing this can actually lead to WEIGHT GAIN, FATIGUE and a WHACK METABOLISM. So again, please tread carefully. 

Be Well,

Phunkie O.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Adede- Week 5

Stats only changed by decimal points

Weight: 221 lbs
Bust: 42 inches
Waist: 39 inches
Hips: 49 inches

Beautiful - Week 5

All statistics remain the same.

Week 5 statistics
Weight - 100.7
Bust - 42
Waist - 35
Hips - 48

Izzie ~ Week 5

Waist = 32
Hips = 41
Waist/Hip ratio = 0.78
Thigh = 25

Weight = 179lbs
Height = 5ft 8in
BMI = 27.2

Haven't logged in my weight for the past two weeks :(. No excuse at all :(.

Anyways, I've gone down 1lb {rolling eyes..#washWash}. Haven't been consistent with my workouts as much as I'd love to but I'll keep on. Diet has been yoyo-ing...I'm not gonna complain.

Hopefully I get more into my workout and meals this week onward {fingers crossed}.

Okeoghene - Week 5

Weight: 175lbs
Height: 5'5"

No weight loss this week.

Have a great week guys

Sting - Week 5

I didn't go to the gym at all last week. I got out on time to go a few times but i was always too physically tired. I had some rolls, rice sticks (noodles) and cornflakes this week too. I wouldn't call it cheating because  my total caloric intake for those days was still okay. These are just things i try to stay awake from because i would overeat, esp those rice sticks.

Waist is 33inches, down an inch
Weight- 158.2lbs - down 6lbs total.
Height is 5'5 - Still the same, sadly :)

~Sirius~ Week 5

Height: 5ft 7”
Weight: 72.0kg
Bust: 37.5"
Waist 29.8"
Hips 41"

0.1kg gained.

My all week cardio didn’t work out as planned. I found it hard to breath in the evenings while jogging. (Lagos and car fumes)
So it’s back to my good old indoor strength & cardio.

I had some banned foods during the week and my weight spiked seriously- a spoon of rice & stew on Thursday, some fried chicken on Friday with 3 pieces of stolen dodo…the scale went as high as 73.9kg.

Cheating on my diet SUCKS!!!
And to top it up, I became so bloated and uncomfortable.

I really have a phobia for plateaus.

I need help, anyone with a personal trainer please can you ask them the best way to reduce inches from the waist (I know we can’t spot lose weight, however any tips to help the waistline shrink will be very much appreciated)

Have a great week people!

~Sirius~ signing out…..XoXo

Sunday, May 26, 2013


same change...
weight 190...
Im still hopeful...
no worries....

Friday, May 24, 2013

#1 Latecomer Adede- Week 4

So this sucks. I get on my grind with the working out and attempting to eat right and guess what happens? I gain a pound. I initially used my home scale and thought, this has got to be wrong. Gain one pound kini? So I used the one at the gym and it confirmed. I added. So I stand at 221lbs at the moment.

Healthy Eating: Naija Style

I'll take it that nobody wants an instagram page. o well...

I have been meaning to write a post about eating clean as a Nigerian. When I first started eating clean, I would look up what "fitness folks" ate and try to copy it. However, very soon it got boring because of my conc naija self. I love Nigerian food. Once you get the very basics of it, then its not so hard.

First you need to pay attention to the macro-nutrients of your food: Protein, Carbs and Healthy fats. Proteins are easy: eggs, fish, meat, chicken, shrimps, beans, etc.

Carbs: there are the good carbs and bad carbs. You dont want the simple/processed carbs (except fruits) and you want the brown over white.

Healthy Fats: nuts, Avocados, unsaturated oils:  olive oil, coconut oil (and I even heard palm oil!)

Everybody says naija foods are unhealthy, but a little healthy substitution here and there can show you that a lot of naija foods can be healthy!

that is the fried rice that wont let my diet be great!
Peppersoup: filled with lots and lots of protein and spices! can be eaten with boiled plantains

Shrimp Spinach soup with unripe plantains: Shrimps contain a whole lot of proteins (1 piece of boiled jumbo shrimp = 14 calories, 2.7g of protein), lots of vegetables, and if you cook with olive oil , thats good fat.

Yam Poridge can also be healthy if you add fish, shrimps (protein) and use healthy oils.

1. sweet potatoes/broccoli/chicken boobs
2. brown rice (with fish sauce)/broccoli/chicken boobs
3. 2 eggs sunny side up/chicken sausage/turkey links

the meals pictured above all have less than 300 calories and at least 30g of protein each!

great for snacking!
1. almonds/banana
2. greek yoghurt/strawberries
3. hummus/carrots

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Phunkie O: Week 4

Hey guys!

Finally bought a scale.

Weight is 133 lbs! This means I lost 3 lbs from last week. Doesn't feel like I lost that much already. First time I checked last week it said 134 lbs then I checked 2 more times (immediately after first time) and it said 136 lbs, so I went with 136 lbs. I have checked 6 times already and it says 133 lbs.


Waist: 31 inches
Hips: 39 inches
Bust: 34 inches
Thigh (L): 24.5 inches

So I've lost 2 inches from my waist as well! Whoop! Really need my tummy to go down and then I'll be fine.

Isha - Week 4 Weigh In

Wassup people!

I'm sorry for the late update. the scaled moved again today!

I'm glad that there's progress sha. However slow. I need more.

94.9kg, 209.2lbs
Other stats:

Waist: 35
Bust: 40.5
Hips: 46
Thigh: 29
Arm: 15

(I hope it's not that I'm squeezing my measuring tape too much). Ah well. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sting- Week 4 (Frustrated)

Weight on Monday morning was 160.4lb, up .2lbs from last week. Sorry no picture, busy week. I actually weighed 158.8lbs last week Thursday, but i went for a schoolmate's birthday on Sunday and had fried rice, Jollof rice, fried plantain, lots of chicken and gizzard, and 3 meat pies. Only the grace of God and knowing i had to weigh in the next day stopped me from eating my favorite cheese cake from cheese cake factory. I can't believe i was able to resist that but i did. I also resisted (or had no desire) to take food home like i would have done in the past.

The last time i ate rice was in Jan or Feb. I am so frustrated at this point because i want to eat healthy but i don't know what to eat. I am tired of eating beans every day. Lost my appetite for fish and frozen veggies. I had stopped eating meat for a bit this year. I didn't eat meat for almost half the year last yr and i went down to 154lbs. I keep hearing to eat more protein, so in addition to beans, i went and got chicken breasts and i have been eating those. I think i am going to stop after i finish the last piece, i want to get away from meat.

I don't know what to eat!!!! My fitness expert who as part of his medical practice deal with weight loss, has been a waste. After much whining, he has directed me to see a nutritionist. I might just consider that. It's so annoying that i am at the point in my life where i am serious about making changes but i have no clue what to eat. I don't want to be on a DIET, because diets are never sustainable.

Rant over. Anyone know a healthy eating food blog/site. I don't want any oyinbo food that i can't stomach. I made some quinoa and that was the first and last time. I hate the taste, even masked with stew i found it unpalatable. Not for me.  

kaura's week 4

weigh-in: 182lbs  +1lb
went back up a little bit. I didn't do horribly but it could be better. This week I'm working on adding more protein to my diet So I bought some  yoghurt, beans, soy milk/ almond milk,quinoa (which I love) and some canned tuna. I had initially gotten activia yoghurt it tasted good but it made me sick and a little too regular for my liking (tmi). I switched to plain yoghurt. That's my week so far, can't believe we're in week 4 already.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bumight: Week 3

why is everyone on week 4 already?

Anyways, I stepped on the scale, and I'm back at 160! i gained 0.5 Ibs! I'm still on my supplement, but I excercised more this week, so I want to believe it was muscle weight, lol.

I then decided to do my measurements again:

Waist: 30
Abdomen: 33 (-1)
Hips : 40
Chest 31 (-1)
Boobs: 36 (-1)
Thighs 21 each (-4)

so apparently, I lost a total of 7 inches! I'm more than happy with that. Then I decided to take pictures and compare. my sisters, the difference is 7 up!

On that note, i suggest we have a naijafatbusters instagram page. you dont have to post face pictures. Crop the pictures from the neck down. You might not even put your name beside the pictures. maybe code names/.lettters? Its just a thought sha. you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Still basking in the euphoria of my inches lost, I decided to try on my goal pants! IT FITS!!!!
these are skinny jeans that once would not pass my thighs. The last time I tried them on, I could pull them up but I couldn't zip up. Now I can zip them up! even though I still look like an overstuffed seapork in them, but IT FITS!!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Okeoghene- Week 4

Weight: 175lbs.

So far I have lost 5lbs since we started this program and I am so pumped and excited.

I ditched my notebook for recording meals for myfitnesspal and all I can say is, that app is amazing.

My routine changed a bit last week. I stopped using my C25K for my walking/jogging because a couple of friends joined me, so we do brisk walking for 30minutes for 5 days instead of the 3 days I was doing before. This week, I will be adding a kickboxing dvd I got from the library to my exercise routine.

For my nutrition, no much change. I still eat rice, beans, bread etc in reduced portions.

I make sure I have a serving of snack with me everyday so I am prepared if I am hungry. Water is my friend now. I am drinking over 2 liters a day, I am so happy. For someone who could go days without drinking water, that is a lot of improvement in a month.

Beautiful - Week 4

Same same

Week 4 statistics
Weight - 100.7
Bust - 42
Waist - 35
Hips - 48

Bust went down to 42 though.

I fared better when I was having NO breakfast, now I have yoghurt and sliced apples for breakfast but eating brekkie doesn't seem to be working for me at all.

I used the Jillian Micheals 30 day shred 2ce last week and succesfully finished level 1 both times without asking myself why life must be this hard.

I had a surprise bridal shower on friday and had loads of cupcakes, coke, rice, bread and ice cream. There was no single healthy food lol, I sure have silly colleagues and a manager who aren't on the eat healthy bandwagon.

That's all...

Ehen, fitness gurus, please is the below true? I assumed palm oil was a "killer" while olive oil is the healthier option?

Let's talk about oil...

2 TBSP is the daily recommended intake for an average person. Whether it's olive oil, coconut oil, groundnut oil, or palm oil, all oil has 9 calories per gram, and 120 calories per TBSP. That is why we should not be frying our foods because, frying is equivalent to cooking our food in oil. That is why we should also avoid animal skin and eat the leanest cut of meats; that is why nuts-though healthy- should be eaten in moderation because, most nuts are 80% fat. 

~Sirius~ Week 4

Height: 5ft 7”
Weight: 71.9kg
Bust: 38"
Waist 29.2"
Hips 41.1"

0.6kg down from last week. I'm happy the scale even went down. My eating went out of whack for 2 days- Movie date with ~The Mister~
He has started walking to improve his health, that got me interval walking & jogging. 30secs each interval. I think that's what moved the scale.

So I am going off weight training this week- and going strictly interval cardio. Let me see what that would do. 6 days this week. Started counting on Sunday.

My goal when I started out was 68kg, now I am 4 kilos away, I am looking for a body I will be comfortable looking at in front of the mirror without spanx.

Thank you guys for starting this blog. It has helped me a lot. Just knowing I have a weigh in  day keeps me on my toes and keeps me pushing to achieve my dream body.

And to think i almost quit....

Have a great week people!
If you put your mind to something, you definitely will achieve it.

~Sirius~ Signing out......XoXo

Sunday, May 19, 2013

MSMT: week 3

week 3...

weight 190
waist 35

Ive been working odd hours...snacking alot...
....didnt exercise last week...
Im not giving up....will keep trying....

Friday, May 17, 2013

Sting - Name Change

Hey guys,

Just as an FYI to avoid confusion, i changed my profile name to Emike Otse. You can still refer to me as Sting, if you want. Doesn't matter either way, but the Madame Sting era is pretty much over :)

Anyone excited for next weigh in? That's the only thing that is keeping me on track, although i had a sandwich today cos i didn't pack my lunch and i was HUNGRY.

Phunkie O: Week 3

Sorry this is late. Don't have a scale and had to use a friend's.

Considering that I have barely worked out in the last 2 weeks and I have a eaten 60% (probs more) junk, I'm happy to see that I am still maintaining at my start weight.

Please excuse my grubby toes.

Now that my schedule is less crazy, my workout plan from June will be:

MWF: Power Training
T/Th: Yoga
Sat: Zumba (maybe)
Sunday: Yoga

I also do Zumba. Depending on my my energy, hydration and nutrition levels I prefer to do my Zumba just before Yoga. So 1 hour of Zumba and then 1 hr of Yoga. I pace myself so I don't do too much.

I will depending on how bored I am, take the occasional "ab-class". They are just ab-intensive workouts and not total body workouts.

Depending on how interested I am, I will also do the occasional monthly challenge. For example, In Feb, I did a Plank Challenge. Started Day 1 planking for 30 secs and increased daily by 5 seconds up until the month ended.

Above all, I listen to my body. If I ain't feeling it, it sure ain't happening.

Peace and Light,

Phunkie O

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Week 3 - better late than never

Week 2: 234.4lb

Week 3: 235.4lb

Gained one pound.

I weighed myself first thing Monday morning but, its supposed to be my week off and course, I've been trying to shop groceries, clothes (summer clothes for the kids are on sale), clean all the nooks and crannies (no help and once school resumes aint nobody gat time for that), and of course hubby has a thousand and one things for me to help him with. Its Thursday  am glad I got so much done (even though i have so much left to do) and this is the first morning I have had to myself all week.

Anyway to be honest, I have not begun to exercise yet. I have been eating junk on the go and sweets here and there but I am still watching portion sizes. I have my hot and spicy chicken sandwich with just one bun and no fries, no soda at all, only getting water or "fresh squeezed" lemonade. I was still dealing with some PMS bloating which was much better this month considering that my weight was not that much higher than the week before (I average about 3-4 lb in water weight gain). I call it water weight because when I was on weight loss pills (phentermine with a diuretic) I experienced little or no bloating during my periods.

I should be back on track starting today with no in between meals, no sugar and no junk food. Also going to cook some beans.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm Still Alive...

I haven't participated in what 2 weeks? I have been on the road for that long for work and such! Finally got back to my base. I don't think I've lost any weight. Between my crappy diet and high stress conditions, I wouldn't be surprised if I've put on some weight.

My scale is broken but I will buy a new one. I'll post my weight once I check it. I won't be travelling for some time so will be putting in extra to pick up my slack.

I'm starting a 15 day detox program today.

Phunkie O

I'm excited! the scale moved

Finally found a place to check my weight. I'm still on my trip, found a sport shop to use their scale. The scale actually moved, the first time i stood on it, I saw '97 point something kg', I was super excited, I had to tell the sales assistant to check for me again(to be double sure my looking down at the scale to check the figures was not distorting things and I could see the point something well).
The assistant after bending and turning and counting the lines in his Indian voice was like "madam 97.4 kg" with the usual Indian shaking of the head rhythm,, I asked him to check again, this time asking..."is this scale working well".Obviously, the guy was embarrassed at this point but covered it with a smile and the shaking of the head rhythm and answered "97.4kg"
 The guy didn't seem to understand the I jumped off the  scale I didn't even say goodbye or thank you.I just bounced off the store.
 I'm sure in his mind he would think ...that's still a lot of weight, but he can't understand, I have waited too long to see it move.

Just like Sirius said, I must definitely be doing something right, after all, rice,bread and dairy is out, more wiser and healthy options in controlled portions and no mindless eating is in.

And maybe its even easier to stay healthy outside Nigeria...(just joking!!!)



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sting - Week 3

I took this monday morning but didn't have time to upload until now.
Down a total of 4lbs since we started. I am happy for the progress. I really thought my scale was broken when i weighed myself at the end of March and it read 165lbs, because i was 154lbs in dec. Then i didn't weigh myself for 3 months and wasn't aware my weight was creeping back up. I am pleased to see it's going back down. So since beginning of April, i have actually lost 5lbs, but i lost the first pound while we were waiting to officially start.

I only exercised once this past week and it was on Saturday. I dragged myself there yesterday evening. I have just been eating a lot of beans to be honest. I don't eat rice, bread or any of our usual staple carbs. I'm looking for more protein substitutes because i am bored with beans. I got some chicken breast but haven't had time to cook.

With regards to exercising, i am really not exercising for weight loss at this point. I just want to be physically fit. When we round in the hospital, it's usually rush rush, and we have to walk fast and all that. Whenever my patient is the first stop, i am always panting while trying to present and i hate that. I just want to be fit for now. I really don't believe you can exercise and eat junk and yet lose weight. Best that can happen for most people is that they won't gain weight.

My overall goal for this year is to be less than 150lbs because i no longer want to be considered overweight. 

Congrats to everyone as we continue to fight to reach our goals.

Meme (lol)

I'm loving this blog, and it's not about the competition anymore, but the fact that we're supporting one other like this. It's awesome!

Side note:

#Confession. I didn't check my weight for the weigh in this week, cos I was like, "it's gotta be the same. I didn't work out as much, and didn't eat special veggie meals. So, bleh..." Well, I was 'listening' to y'all bragging about your weight loss and was like, lemme even check what's going on. So I stepped on my scale and it read 95.4kg. No way! So I stepped off and stepped back on - 95.7kg. Maybe I was holding my breath (or the scale was made in China. But I'm thrilled. I haven't been 95 point anything since like 2012 I think.

A little goes a long way. I'm motivated to do more. *now eyes those 'freakum' dresses I stashed behind my closet two years ago*

Kaura's week 3

I'm at 181lbs

I ate really poorly this weekend for every meal except breakfast. Breakfast was oatmeal and a banana on saturday and sunday after that, I lost track of when lunch ended and dinner began. (Must work on mindless "snacking") lots of rice and stew, and jollof rice, juice, and granola bars. I think I'm addicted to the granola bars. It seems healthy but it's 220calories per pack I think I ate like six yesterday.  I'll be working on my snacking habit this week.On second thought I think I'll just avoid snacking all together, I don't have the will power yet.

Adede Week 2 and 3

Hello people! So I missing both Week 2 and Week 3. My apologies.

Weight 223 lbs 

Week 3:
Weight 220 lbs
 So far, I've achieved a 5.5lbs loss and I'm happy about it :-)

Since I never entered my measurements here they go for future reference

Chest: 43in
Waist: 38.5in
Hips: 49in

Happy weight loss guys!