Sunday, June 9, 2013

Updates - Isha

Hi Family,

I'm sorry that I've been MIA. This is Week 7 yeah? My weight didn't change for two weeks, a bit disappointing, but I didn't lose hope.

Now I'm sort of back on the grind, but I hope that the things I have to do over the next few weeks won't mess up my weight loss groove.

I recently left my job, so I've been home, and this has really helped my 'Fasted Training' program. I didn't even know there was a name for it till I read about it on here. My trainer just said 'workout on an empty stomach, ie. first thing in the morning or before dinner (that's if you've had little or no lunch)'.

Some other pointers I've been using:
* No carbs after 4pm (there have been some slip ups here and there tho x_x)
* Lots of fruits, veggies and fluids, they help maintain my internal plumbing.
* Tell myfitnesspal the truth, it helps gauge my proteins+oils to carbs ratio. Helpful stuff.

Anyways, current stats:
Weight - 93.9kg (total of 4.6kg/~10lb lost since I started my fitness journey)
Height - Same *sigh*
Waist, Hips, Bust, Thighs - I need to check again in about a week, for correct values.
Arm - 14.5"


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