Friday, June 14, 2013

Bumight: Week 6/7

I'm too happy to lose weight! Whenever I'm sad/going through a break up, i lose like 10 Ibs in a week! like the weight just drops off me! I think right now I'm just too happy for the weight to come off! lol.

I'm not even going to bother posting a picture, because as at this morning, I'm back at 163 Ibs. I was telling my boyfriend that I'm going to stop going to the gym and go to coldstone and order the biggest size they had as I'm not losing weight! However, a friend of mine who hadnt seen me in a while saw my pictures and was like "you've lost weight!". I said "err...No", then he said I look leaner.
Actually, I know I look leaner because I take progress pictures every so often and nowadays I dont even bother because my thighs are noticeable melting away and shaping up.

So I've decided no more weighing myself! Apart from it being discouraging I don't see how else its helping. I'm still going to measure myself though...maybe every 2 weks.

My routine: This month I've been running like I stole something. I average about 13-15 miles per week. which is about 30mins of cardio, 5 times a week. I strength train 4 times a week as well. I recently began lifting weights. WEIGHTED SQUATS IS THE TRUTH!!! .

These will be my new ways of tracking my progress:
1. runnig my 4 miles in less time : current time 37 mins (on a good day :))
2. Squatting more weights
3. bench pressing more weights.


  1. I hv seen ur pictures on Instagram, u look way slimmer than ur actual weight.

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  3. Your post made me smile! This is what I was trying to say, weighing very frequently and scales do more damage than good. I've noticed that since I started this challenge, my neuroses have increased. If I lose a pound, I'm happy. If I gain a pound, I'm bummed for the rest of the week.

    I'm so jealous you can run. I miss it. I injured my knees running my first half-marathon this past December...

  4. Ha! heading to the gym today. Heavy lifting begins! I will need some serious tips.