Thursday, May 16, 2013

Week 3 - better late than never

Week 2: 234.4lb

Week 3: 235.4lb

Gained one pound.

I weighed myself first thing Monday morning but, its supposed to be my week off and course, I've been trying to shop groceries, clothes (summer clothes for the kids are on sale), clean all the nooks and crannies (no help and once school resumes aint nobody gat time for that), and of course hubby has a thousand and one things for me to help him with. Its Thursday  am glad I got so much done (even though i have so much left to do) and this is the first morning I have had to myself all week.

Anyway to be honest, I have not begun to exercise yet. I have been eating junk on the go and sweets here and there but I am still watching portion sizes. I have my hot and spicy chicken sandwich with just one bun and no fries, no soda at all, only getting water or "fresh squeezed" lemonade. I was still dealing with some PMS bloating which was much better this month considering that my weight was not that much higher than the week before (I average about 3-4 lb in water weight gain). I call it water weight because when I was on weight loss pills (phentermine with a diuretic) I experienced little or no bloating during my periods.

I should be back on track starting today with no in between meals, no sugar and no junk food. Also going to cook some beans.


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