Monday, May 20, 2013

Okeoghene- Week 4

Weight: 175lbs.

So far I have lost 5lbs since we started this program and I am so pumped and excited.

I ditched my notebook for recording meals for myfitnesspal and all I can say is, that app is amazing.

My routine changed a bit last week. I stopped using my C25K for my walking/jogging because a couple of friends joined me, so we do brisk walking for 30minutes for 5 days instead of the 3 days I was doing before. This week, I will be adding a kickboxing dvd I got from the library to my exercise routine.

For my nutrition, no much change. I still eat rice, beans, bread etc in reduced portions.

I make sure I have a serving of snack with me everyday so I am prepared if I am hungry. Water is my friend now. I am drinking over 2 liters a day, I am so happy. For someone who could go days without drinking water, that is a lot of improvement in a month.

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