Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bumight: Week 3

why is everyone on week 4 already?

Anyways, I stepped on the scale, and I'm back at 160! i gained 0.5 Ibs! I'm still on my supplement, but I excercised more this week, so I want to believe it was muscle weight, lol.

I then decided to do my measurements again:

Waist: 30
Abdomen: 33 (-1)
Hips : 40
Chest 31 (-1)
Boobs: 36 (-1)
Thighs 21 each (-4)

so apparently, I lost a total of 7 inches! I'm more than happy with that. Then I decided to take pictures and compare. my sisters, the difference is 7 up!

On that note, i suggest we have a naijafatbusters instagram page. you dont have to post face pictures. Crop the pictures from the neck down. You might not even put your name beside the pictures. maybe code names/.lettters? Its just a thought sha. you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Still basking in the euphoria of my inches lost, I decided to try on my goal pants! IT FITS!!!!
these are skinny jeans that once would not pass my thighs. The last time I tried them on, I could pull them up but I couldn't zip up. Now I can zip them up! even though I still look like an overstuffed seapork in them, but IT FITS!!!

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