Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sting- Week 4 (Frustrated)

Weight on Monday morning was 160.4lb, up .2lbs from last week. Sorry no picture, busy week. I actually weighed 158.8lbs last week Thursday, but i went for a schoolmate's birthday on Sunday and had fried rice, Jollof rice, fried plantain, lots of chicken and gizzard, and 3 meat pies. Only the grace of God and knowing i had to weigh in the next day stopped me from eating my favorite cheese cake from cheese cake factory. I can't believe i was able to resist that but i did. I also resisted (or had no desire) to take food home like i would have done in the past.

The last time i ate rice was in Jan or Feb. I am so frustrated at this point because i want to eat healthy but i don't know what to eat. I am tired of eating beans every day. Lost my appetite for fish and frozen veggies. I had stopped eating meat for a bit this year. I didn't eat meat for almost half the year last yr and i went down to 154lbs. I keep hearing to eat more protein, so in addition to beans, i went and got chicken breasts and i have been eating those. I think i am going to stop after i finish the last piece, i want to get away from meat.

I don't know what to eat!!!! My fitness expert who as part of his medical practice deal with weight loss, has been a waste. After much whining, he has directed me to see a nutritionist. I might just consider that. It's so annoying that i am at the point in my life where i am serious about making changes but i have no clue what to eat. I don't want to be on a DIET, because diets are never sustainable.

Rant over. Anyone know a healthy eating food blog/site. I don't want any oyinbo food that i can't stomach. I made some quinoa and that was the first and last time. I hate the taste, even masked with stew i found it unpalatable. Not for me.  


  1. oh wow...sorry dear.

    Want to try fresh veggies?
    You can prep them the night before or over the weekend ...carrots, onions, kale, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, egg plant, all colours of ball pepper. Chop them up and put them in little plastic containers. Buy mix herbs and mixed spices (all in one- instead of rosemary thyme etc)
    So you can stir fry everyday (it's fresh)
    Make an omelet with it or
    Chop turkey or chicken bits in them, so you can up your protein on days you don't do eggs.

    You need a lot more protein.....sad to say this but beans is not really a great source of protein. You can confirm here and anywhere else.
    ( it's considered a source of protein generally, because it has a significant amount of protein, but it contains more carbs than it does protein)

    Sweet potatoes and yam are also ok, you can eat with your veggies.

    You can also stir fry with shrimps and other sea foods if you swing that way.

    Look for the veggies you love and play around with them.

    your meal has to be balanced if weight loss is your goal.
    Vegetables (they are carbs) + Proteins + fats & oil.

  2. I forgot... you can also consider going on protien shakes...shakeology or whey protein.

  3. Sting, ehya! I'm sending you hugs right now boo. Pele. I feel your pain.

    This is why I don't subscribe to weight scales. Your body weight fluctuates anyhow and it is not a TRUE representation of what is going on with you. Your menstrual cycle can cause weight gain because your body holds on to more water. All you see is an increase on the scale, you start to fret, increased stress, increased cortisol and BOOM! you actually start gaining weight.

    Sometimes with weight loss, less is more. Especially with your crazy ass schedule. You also have to PLAN PLAN PLAN! Most of your meals can be made on the weekends, you can also portion these into tupperware and grab and go as needed.

    Easy breakfast options that I use:

    1. Breakfast egg muffins (I use eggs, veggies, bacon and some coconut oil)
    2. Canned tuna/Sardines, veggies (carrots, broccoli) and some nuts (no peanuts)
    3. Scrambled eggs with sweet potatoes (nuked in microwave)
    4. Leftover dinner

    All of these take less than 15mins. I make my muffins on Sun and grab and go during the week. They can be eaten hot or cold.

    I follow a similar method for lunch.

    You need protein, you need fats as well, you also need complex carbs (if you strength). If you don't strength-trains, veggies are just fine! I would advise against using protein shakes because those are crutches and are just a temporary fix! Once you get the hang eating a balanced meal, then you can add a shake every now and then.

    Email me if you need anything: