Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm excited! the scale moved

Finally found a place to check my weight. I'm still on my trip, found a sport shop to use their scale. The scale actually moved, the first time i stood on it, I saw '97 point something kg', I was super excited, I had to tell the sales assistant to check for me again(to be double sure my looking down at the scale to check the figures was not distorting things and I could see the point something well).
The assistant after bending and turning and counting the lines in his Indian voice was like "madam 97.4 kg" with the usual Indian shaking of the head rhythm,, I asked him to check again, this time asking..."is this scale working well".Obviously, the guy was embarrassed at this point but covered it with a smile and the shaking of the head rhythm and answered "97.4kg"
 The guy didn't seem to understand the I jumped off the  scale I didn't even say goodbye or thank you.I just bounced off the store.
 I'm sure in his mind he would think ...that's still a lot of weight, but he can't understand, I have waited too long to see it move.

Just like Sirius said, I must definitely be doing something right, after all, rice,bread and dairy is out, more wiser and healthy options in controlled portions and no mindless eating is in.

And maybe its even easier to stay healthy outside Nigeria...(just joking!!!)




  1. Yaaaaay!!
    Any move downwards is a good move.
    Congrats girl.

    And yes, lack of eba, yam and the likes makes all the difference

  2. Congrats girl. you might actually even weigh less cos the best time to weigh yourself is first thing in d morning without clothes on.