Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sting - Week 3

I took this monday morning but didn't have time to upload until now.
Down a total of 4lbs since we started. I am happy for the progress. I really thought my scale was broken when i weighed myself at the end of March and it read 165lbs, because i was 154lbs in dec. Then i didn't weigh myself for 3 months and wasn't aware my weight was creeping back up. I am pleased to see it's going back down. So since beginning of April, i have actually lost 5lbs, but i lost the first pound while we were waiting to officially start.

I only exercised once this past week and it was on Saturday. I dragged myself there yesterday evening. I have just been eating a lot of beans to be honest. I don't eat rice, bread or any of our usual staple carbs. I'm looking for more protein substitutes because i am bored with beans. I got some chicken breast but haven't had time to cook.

With regards to exercising, i am really not exercising for weight loss at this point. I just want to be physically fit. When we round in the hospital, it's usually rush rush, and we have to walk fast and all that. Whenever my patient is the first stop, i am always panting while trying to present and i hate that. I just want to be fit for now. I really don't believe you can exercise and eat junk and yet lose weight. Best that can happen for most people is that they won't gain weight.

My overall goal for this year is to be less than 150lbs because i no longer want to be considered overweight. 

Congrats to everyone as we continue to fight to reach our goals.


  1. Sting,

    You don't eat fish? If you do, try Tilapia filets. I defrost mine in the fridge. If I'm pressed for time, I sprinkle salt and pepper and nuke in the microwave! Same for Shrimps. Oh! and Sweet potatoes too

    1. Me and that tilapia fillet have been best friends since 2009. I don't even bother thawing. I stick it in the microwave for 1 min, take it out, add my spices, microwave for another 3-6 mins. I eat it at least 5 times a week. its one of my staples.

  2. Good job girl, I am really impressed. I just had an aha moment. Due to cooking time, beans has gradually disappeared off our menu. Overall good job.

    1. thank u. I soak my beans for at least 2 days so by the time I am ready to cook it, its soft and doesnt take long. I soak to get rid of gas though.