Friday, July 12, 2013

Last weigh in coming up

So the last weigh in for this round is coming up 3 mondays from now, which is July 29th. So guys hurry up and catch up, or you could just record your final weight on that day if you haven't consistently weighed in. I think this has been very helpful for me, so i would like to start another round with anyone who's interested in continuing to keep track of their weight. I worked in an obesity research lab in undergrad and one of the tips i learnt was that, you have to weigh yourself regularly in order to maintain weight loss. I have weighed myself daily for years. I went from 154lbs in dec to 165lbs in March because i didn't weigh myself for those three months, so i wasn't aware i was steadily creeping back up. Weighing myself daily doesn't stress me out because i don't obsess over it, so i can do that comfortably.

I know it stresses some people out, so if you don't want to continue that's fine. We can continue to post recipes, tips, challenges like you guys have been doing. I am sorry i have been a waste these last couple of months but i can't promise my contribution is going to improve any time soon, so i am thankful to those of you who have stayed interested and kept this going.

I like Bumight's suggestion of creating an instagram page. I will create one when i get a chance and share the username and password when i have that done or someone else can do that if they have the time.  We can use it to post before and after pictures, work out pictures, food, inspirational, whatever floats your boat.

So, July 29th, let's get on it.

I finally scheduled my free personal training session at the gym next week. I really want exercise to become a part of my life, but it's such a difficult habit to form.

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  1. Hey! I am game for another round. I won't be doing daily/weekly weigh-ins. That ish threw me off majorly this go-round!

    I also like the Instagram idea