Monday, July 15, 2013

Bumight: week 11

So I haven't really weighed myself in weeks. Infact, I took my scale out of the house. Last week I decided to weigh myself and I almost shrieked with joy when I saw 155 Ibs! I didn't take a picture then, but the very next day, the scale read 156 Ibs. See why I don't like the scale? It's not a very accurate representation as your weight tends to fluctuate on a daily basis depending on a lot of factors.
Anywhoos, here are my new stats
Weight: 156
Waist: 28
Navel: 29.5
Lower abdomen: 31
Hips: 39
Thighs: 20, 19.5

I'm still shrinking! Yay me! My new goal is to get a 6 pack! 2 packs in, 4 more to go! Lol

My diet has been ok, paying more attention to portion sizes. I had coldstone ice cream yesterday and soda. See, everytime I lose aight, I reward myself with bad food! Gotta stop checking the scale!!!!
On the excercise front, I only went to the gym twice. Lifted weights And did some HIIT cardio. I learnt on Friday that u don't need a lot of equipment to workout. I couldn't go to the gym where I normally do my squats, so I used a smaller gym. I did weighted lunges, squats, dead lifts and step ups with dumbbells. My ass still hurts! Love it!

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