Wednesday, July 17, 2013

~Sirius~ Update

So I fell ill...and still had the energy to step on the scale!
I am addicted to my scale! I should throw away that piece of equipment far far away...
It's so bad that I weigh myself every morning after my bath and sometimes in the evenings too!
I also swear by the measuring tape and I feel like I'm stuck in the rut now.

I guess this is the hardest part- where you can't afford to give up.
My diet isn't as strict as it used to be.
I need to get back to my strict clean eating.
Deviating never really works for me, I always have a hard time going back.

I'm back to 70.0kg I went as low as 68.7kg when I fell ill.
What's strange is all my pre pregnancy clothes are now a bit lose, even though  I weigh 2kg more now.
I guess that's one of the benefits of weight training.

I will keep updating here after the 29th, maybe not on a weekly basis.

Happy Losing People!

~Sirius~ signing out...XoXo

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