Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Lost 15 pounds in about a year....woo hoo

WOW...I didn't realize it until about 5mins ago, but I lost about 15pounds in a year even with being very inconsistent with my exercises and food intake.

January 3rd 2012, I did a weigh in of my weight when I started the Spark People program. I weighed 195pounds that day. Today I weigh 180 pounds. It is surprising to me because i never really thought about it. I know I lost weight but i totally forgot about where I was starting from and never considered it in regards to where I am now.

Within this time, I've been on different kinds of diets, from the Master Cleanse diet (which I did for only 5 days instead of 10 days. I think I lost 6 pounds or so from that), to the GM diet (7 days, I also lost about 6 pounds) but my weight just kept yoyo-ing. I've counted calories (inconsistently..I love food too much and aint nobody gat that much time for that :P), exercised (super inconsistent with this also)...SMH.. Anyway, buttom line is, I lost 15pounds in 14 months. It may not seem like much but meeeeeeeiiiiin I am super excited about this result

Today I start a new program, which I'm hoping you guys will help hold me accountable to complete it (for the first time in my life). This program is the 22 days nutrition program. It gives you sample diets daily and also exercise assignments daily. Basically, the program helps you to build a more healthier lifestyle (dont they all..rme) and develop better eating and exercising habits. I think I'm going to enjoy this, although I've messed up already with my meal for today by eating a donut for breakfast instead of a protein bar....Please ladies ooo, I need your help to keep me accountable on this.. Along with this program, I'm also going to be starting Shaun T's hiphop Abs exercise to build my much desired 6 abs. Already did a couple of the exercises and its fun and a little easy.

If anybody wants to join me on this journey, please feel free to do so ooo and let me know so we can compare notes ;).

I love this site and the motivation it is giving me to live healthier.

Ciao..and be happy


PS - I still use SparkPeople and MyFitness Pal to track my food intake and exercises. I've not been consistent but...aint no harm in using them either.

PPS - I'd go on the master cleanse diet (but for 5 days) or the GM diet after I am done with my 22 days challenge. This is for cleansing my system not so much for weight loss.

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