Friday, May 3, 2013

Adede- Week 1

Hello people! Yes I'm late and yes I'm sorry for it. So this week, weighing in, I'm still at 225.5.

So on Saturday I decided to make a meal and workout plan. Plans work for me. I made out my meal plan, made a grocery list, went to the store and bought most of the items on the list. I was a happy camper. Got home, stored what needed to be stored, cooked what need to be cooked and ziplocked my 1 cup of HoneyNut Cheerios which are suppose to be my snack. Monday went by smooth, and was the only day that went by smooth. On Tuesday I was rushing so I forgot my snack and lunch and of course went to the cafe and got the cheapest and most unhealthy set of fries that I could find. Couldn't workout during my break because no workout clothes and got home exhausted (excuse much? Definitely). And every day after that there's been one event, luncheon or after-class brunch that's been funking up my healthy eating/healthy living. After getting home today and self-reflecting and realizing that I haven't posted yet, I've come to the conclusion that:
1. Self-Control is a MUST for this healthy eating/living to work. I saw cookies and apple pie on the table and it was FREE and I just had to have it. I need to tell myself NO sometimes, I think we all need to tell ourselves NO sometimes
2. You CAN'T do this without Determination. Determination is like Self-Control's half brother. Stay focused. You CAN do it.

On a better note, I decided to buy a new container for my food to help with my bad portioning habits. If you have a smaller bowl/plate/container you will eat smaller amounts of food.

Till next week people.

We got this or are at least getting it.

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