Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Food, a Confusing Phenomenon

I learned something about my weight gain last week and I figured I should share, just in case other people were making the same mistake.

My trainer told me that I gained weight because I wasn't eating enough. Whaaaaaat?!

YES. I'll explain.

Your body is selfish, it doesn't care about you. So, while you are skipping meals and consoling yourself that you will soon fit into your LBD, your body gives you 'the ( ˘˘̯)' and adjusts itself to store the little food you eventually eat, as FAT! (Of all things right?! Lean Muscle nko?Wicked Body). It makes adjustments because it sees a famine.

So, the best way to lose weight, is to eat. When you eat, you give your body work to do and the turn over (metabolism) is high. Of course, the eating then requires skill/discipline.

WHAT? - Eat carbs in moderation. I won't advise cutting out carbs at all, because you need energy. If your daily diet was 80% Carbs, reduce to 40% and replace with Proteins, Fruits, Veggies and Water. Read Nutritional Information on food packaging. Google nutritional information about Nigerian food, use MyFitnessPal, and be ready to weigh/measure your food.

HOW MUCH? - Portion cutting. I have this small bowl, I think it can contain a little less than 500ml of water. I look at it with pain in my eyes, because I feel like I'm suffering. But with music in my ears, Water in my stomach (before I eat) and the impending weigh-in on my mind, I fill it with the amount of food it can contain, and I savor that minuscule meal with joy and gladness.

WHEN? - The good thing is that when you eat only a little, you can eat up to four times a day. Just remember your carb limit.

Have a healthy week. Happy Eating!

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  1. im going through this also, in my case i was eating enough but then id go work everything out and not eat back those calories, all in all i drove my body to starvation mode... ive upped my calories now and ive started to gain weight, hoping that my metabolism regularizes and i start to lose again soon