Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm Out of town

I'm actually out of town for some official duties, can't get any scale around for the weekly weigh-in. Have asked around for a sport store or somewhere around where I can weigh myself. I might be doing a late weigh-in by weekend!

My healthy eating is still going fine, and I actually feel like I am gradually mastering choosing the healthy option and eating small portions at frequent intervals. So far, I have obeyed the rule infact I thought of leaving one day open as my 'CHEAT' day... a Saturday or Sunday when I can reward myself with ICE-CREAM or pizza or my 1000# suya or Fried rice just something..I found it so difficult to get rid of the guilt I felt on Sunday when I  wanted to indulge in the fried rice I made after I had a controlled portion with veggies and was full ..the Sunday special lunch. I just couldn't!!!!
I really hope I can keep this lifestyle, even as I look forward to a slimmer, happier me...


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