Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mojisola - Week 2

I had to move my feet aside to view the weight. Bear with me, I am still learning to use the scale. When you step off it asks if you want to store the weight as 1 or 2 and then will calculate weight loss from the last measurement. I am yet to figure out how to recall saved info and with the number of people who weigh themselves after me (hubby, brother, sister, kids), I doubt the saved info is even accurate.
For this week,

Weight: 234.4 lbs

Anyhu compared to last weeks' stats

Weight: 235.6lbs (107.1kg)

I seem to have lost 1.2lbs. I started the early morning lime and warm water cleanse, and to be honest, I do not feel it doing anything. I backslid on Thursday because I failed an exam and went out to get some crispy fried chicken, added the suya pepper I had at home; had some vanilla ice  cream with crunched up waffle cones and a midnight snack of pounded yam and egusi and just ate and ate and ate. Though I must mentioned they were all small quantities but I must've had like 3000 calories in all that night. I felt much better afterwards and motivated enough to starve from like friday evening until sunday evening, only eating coleslaw and some fish i baked. Knowing that I had to weigh myself first thing on Monday morning helped too. Hopefully I will try to incorporate some kind of workout this week.

PS. I apologize for the unkempt feet. Will get a pedicure before the next post.