Tuesday, April 30, 2013

~Sirius~ Tuesday Weigh In


1 day late. Sorry guys.

I'm not sure if I would have liked my weight yesterday morning as my Sunday was "unpure"
 ~The Mister~ took me out to eat and I had to eat something :)

Current Weight: 73.8kg
Waist:: 30"
Height: 5"7
BMI: 25.4 (don't really believe this stuff)
Feelings: Stagnant, little progress

Looking OK today, I think I might have reached a Plateau as things seem to be slowing down.
Only 1 week into working out with heavier weights, I will draw conclusion at the 2/3 week mark, if I don't loose some significant weight- say between 1-2 kilos, then I will have to result to extreme measures to jump start the weight loss again.

I have now included 1 slice of yam to my diet on weight training days. which is about 3 days a week. Still on all sorts of vegetables and lean protein, fats as my meals. It's amazing how cravings disappear and you almost always feel full!!

Today is sports day at the office (May day celebrations), I put in for sack workout for today.

Have a great week people!

~Sirius~ Signing out....XoXo

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