Monday, April 29, 2013


Waist: 48
Bust: 50
Hips: 54 in
Tigh: 33 in
Weight: 235.6lbs (107.1kg)
Height: 5ft 2in

Currently detoxing, trying not to snack on cookies, cake, and cutting out the juice, soda and energy drinks. I have replaced the snacks with fruit and the drinks with crystal light. Trying to watch my portion sizes and to eat as much vegetable as my carb portions, I was going to start walking but the weather has been awful this past few days. My workout capabilities are limited due to a recent broken arm; I used to have a gym membership but actually using it was the problem cos the kids got to daycare at 7am and I go to work; and I picked them up at 5:30pm get them something to eat and then go to the gym at about 7pm; work out until 8pm get home bathe kids and sleep. the routine driving around was wearing me out more than the workout and of course, I snacked more to compensate for all the tiredness. Also, started noticing unruly behavior in the kids since mommy and us time was converted to mommy fit time. It just made sense not to renew when the contract was over (after dashing them five months payment). I want to try the Catho steps have got the equipment and DVD; will begin soon :)


  1. I thought of getting a gym membership at the beginning of the year but working the logistics of watching the kids while I spent time there was an issue. I resorted to workout DVDs and they have worked for me so far. Sometimes I do it in the morning before the kids wake up, or I even do it with them in the evening. It seems like a fun thing for them to do too. You could try it. I wish your arm a quick recovery

    1. Thank you, I might rejoin when they are a bit older. I actually got the 3-2-1 prevention workout book, I have not started the workout yet though.