Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Adele's Week 1 Weight

This is where I'm at now. I lost 0.1kg. It's a miracle that I even lost any weight at all no matter how minute. I haven't taken my weight loss seriously this week at all. I had a piece of cake on Wednesday. I haven't done any exercises at all. Only thing I have tried to do is be more conscious about my food and portion control. I haven't really cut down on carbs as I have been eating a lot of rice lately.

It's been a busy week for me, as I had a wedding to help coordinate on Saturday, two important reports to submit on Wednesday and Friday, combined all these with church duties on Saturday and Sunday and a party after church on Sunday  I had can sodas on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and yesterday. I am having coffee as I type this. It's black though. I have however managed to keep up with drinking as much water as I can especially first thing in the morning. I also tried something I saw on juicing vegetables' facebook page - warm water and lemon juice first thing in the morning. I had this on Saturday and Sunday  It's supposed to be good for weight loss too. Apparently, it cleanses the system and detoxifies.

I keep putting off my morning walks and exercises because I can't find my headset/earpiece and haven't been able to go get a replacement. Fingers crossed I shall get that sorted and commence exercises this weekend.

I have now decided to keep track of everything I am eating/drinking by writing it down. I'm hoping this will help me curb and control my eating once I see it written down in black and white and also to keep track of my calorie intake.

Sorry I haven't taken other stats.  I keep forgetting that's why I haven't done that yet and I also don't own a measuring tape. I have an appointment with my dressmaker this weekend, so she 'll help me with some of my stats.

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  1. Yes to keeping a food diary, i use my fitness pal (app), i think it's online too. NO to the sodasssssssssssssssss. LOL. No, just no. No excuses lady!!! You know u need to cut down on rice though. Rice is our enemy. At least change to black or brown rice. I don't even eat rice at all these day. I just slowly stopped and it's no longer one of the things i eat regularly. The day i feel like eating it, i do, but i hardly get the craving. I eat beans and stew and it's just as good.

    A little piece of cake never hurt anyone, but it should be an occasional treat. Overall, good job on the portion control and weight loss.