Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alice first weigh in

Hi guys,
Sorry this is late, was soooo busy yesterday. A little background info about me and why I am doing this, I'd say I'm pretty disciplined about my weight loss.. But still being accountable to other people helps.
At my heaviest in 2008 I weighed about 220 pounds, since then my weight has severely dropped and yo-yoed. At my lightest last year I weighed 165 pounds in may, that was after an intense month of juice fasting that worked but completely destroyed my metabolism in the process... I ended up gaining all the weight back over 6 months and then some. Frustrating ish I tell you.
Its a temporary situation like say you were trying to lose weight for a wedding or something... But that weight comes back believe that...
I'm a gym rat, always have been... I workout at least 5 times a week, a healthy dose of cardio and weight training.. Try to mix it up as much... A lot of my weight is in my boobs, they are massive, and we all know its fat and I inherited them from my grand mum so I know even though I lose weight they will still be there.. At my lightest last year I still wore a 32h bra. My blessing and curse sigh..
Went on vacation for 2 months earlier this year and I didn't work out and basically ate like a pig...ended up gaining 12 pounds in 2 months imagine.. That's exactly what I mean about my metabolism being shit *excuse my French *  so in March this year when I got back.. I decided to do this the right way.. Completely change my lifestyle and not just diet.. And I haven't looked back since then.
I cut out all simple sugars... And replaced them with complex whole grain options.. I added a ton of veggies to my meals and lean proteins... Its been an amazing journey.  Finding delicious healthy options for all my fav meals... If I want something I make it myself at home.. Pizza? Yes I make a healthy version myself that I can control.... Muffins? Yes I'll bake healthier versions... I want something.. I make it and eat it.. Its been really enlightening... My metabolism has highly improved... I try to eat at least 4 small meals a day... And I drink a ton of water.. I'm always peeing, its annoying but so worth it.. Starting to love things I hated before.. I think my palette has readjusted.. Non fat plain Greek yogurt tastes like ice cream to me with some berries added for sweetness.. I love nuts again.. And have then in moderation, things like avocados now seem like delicacies... Its just amazing.
I'm still working out hard, currently doing insanity, I'm on day 42 of 63, haven't missed a day yet.. I'm also going to the gym daily, mixing up cardio days with weight days and yoga and core training.
I didn't really lose any weight in the first month.. It was depressing but I think all the strength training and insanity was building muscle and you have to remember that muscle weighs more than fat.. I was losing inches, my waist went down from 31 to 29.5 and so on.
Checked my weight yesterday and now I'm starting to drop slowly... I'm soooo excited and motivated...
Even with the 12 pound weight gain I'm still a us 10.. Which is funny.. I think I just lost all my muscle and replaced it with fat then because my clothes still fit, some a little snuggly but still....
Anyway right now I'm tracking my body fat percentage and my measurements
Goal is to get the percentage below 25 and get my waist to 25 inches.
My ideal weight will be 155 pounds. Which is almost 30 pounds from where I am now but bleh!!!! I gat this.
Anyways here's my current starting measurements
Weight - 183pounds
Height - 5ft 7
Chest - 38 inches
Waist - 29.5 inches
Hips - 42 inches
Good luck to everyone


  1. Hi Alice, :) loved reading your story. Let me understand something, you do Insanity then go to the gym? *bow down*

    I did 3 rounds of Insanity in 2012 and it hurt every time :( I used to be a WW'er too!

    1. yeah i do, its my second time trying it, last year i finished month 1 and stopped, so i am kinda determined to complete it this time.

      i also did weight watchers in 2011, thats when i bought the scale, lol, as you can see i have tried everything -__-

  2. You made a very good point about initial weight gain. We all need to think about that, especially when muscle growth begins. Well done girl!

    1. thanks, its something you have to understand, which is why im a huge believer of dumping the scale and going with measurements...
      especially if you are doing strength training.

  3. Insanity and gym...hmmm girl you are powerful..hian..I'm still trying to get consistent on hiphop abs...

    1. i just want results my sister, im motivated by them, plus insanity makes you stronger and more toned, even my butt is lifting :D

    2. Really, aaah I seriously need butt lift oooo.. Bought the brazilian butt lift workout after day 2 of regular..I gave up..too intense..smh...

  4. Awesome job Alice! Just wanted to share something I learnt the hard way. There is such a thing as "too much exercise". Exercise is a good stressor which "gingers" your body to lose weight. When exercise is too much, it becomes a bad stressor and your body holds on to the weight. Sort of the Law of Diminishing Returns.

    Just thought to share. With exercise, sometimes, less is more.

  5. *Bow Down* at Insanity and Gym on the same day.
    I have never tried insanity, but I intend day.

    Glad to know I am not alone in trying all sorts when it comes to losing weight.

  6. Huh? What's this "insanity"? Sounds like a job for trusty google but anyone who could break it down and explain it to me, would be much appreciated pls!

    1. There's this 'Insanity' workout program developed from the 'Beach Bodies' platform. It's insane, to say the least. Google for detailed info.