Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What I weigh now...

My current weight is 80.0kg. This is the only detail I have for now. I will get to the nearest pharmacy or hospital when I can for my proper height measurement.

I am not sure that I believe in this BMI business though. I think more research needs to be done, taking into consideration the typical African woman's curves and all. I read somewhere that it is not exactly accurate for Africans or something like that.

I haven't quite figured out an eating plan. I notice though that I am now consciously trying to eat healthily. Had one boiled egg and cucumber with salad dressing for lunch at work but for dinner, I had yellow eba and vegetable sauce with diced shaki, shrimps, smoked mackerel and dried shrimps. (covers face in shame) yesterday when I got home from work, at about 8pm (I am truly mortified seeing this written down in black and white).

Weird thing though, is that I lost some weight between yesterday morning and this morning. As at yesterday morning, I weighed 81.6kg or so.

Trying to start this fruit water infusions thing so I can drink more water. Also considering ditching my regular morning coffee for lemon and honey infused black or green tea instead.  So far, I have gone two days on lemon and honey tea instead of coffee and it's not too bad...

Not started any exercises yet. Will resume early morning brisk walks and exercises, sometime this week. I need motivation to get out of bed in the mornings, especially now that the rains are coming in and the weather is getting cooler in Abuja.


  1. Wow! Well done. You've started well. Hope you find the strength to go on. Cheers...

  2. Thanks Green Biro. I hope so too! And goodluck with yours too :-)