Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Alice Week 1

So I'm down .6 pounds, not a lot but its something... Slow and steady right?
This last week was a turning point for me, realized for the last 2 months I've been basically starving myself, eating an average of 1500 calories and then working out twice a day burning at least 600-700 out of that, leaving my body with a basic 800cal to function.. Bad bad bad.
I was doing some research on why I wasnt seeing the results I was expecting with all my hardwork and I realized that was the problem, I was eating too little.
Way too little.
Did some research online for my basic metabolic rate BMR, calculated it and realized that my body needs about 1700 to function if I am completely leading a sedentary life.. Imagine, being as active as I am I need about 2200, to safely lose weight at 1 pound a week I should get in close to 1800cal a day which is 500 less since 1 pound of fat is 3500 calories, to keep my body functioning and not starve it.
To lose 2 a week I should average about 1560 calories which is still a safe weight loss, that's even under 1kg a week.
anyone interested in reading more about BMR go here ton of information to educate yourself
Hence with my active lifestyle I'd have to eat about 2000calories so that exercise burns the odd 400-500 daily and leaves my body with 1500 calories to function.
Eating too little is bad bad bad... Eventually your body adjusts to the little you are giving it and holds on to every morsel of food instead of burning it because it isn't sure if more food will be coming a LA starvation mode.
All in all I have decided to up my calories to 1900. It will have an adverse effect for the first few weeks, I might gain a few pounds at first and then steadily start to burn the weight fast when my body readjusts... This is a scary process, eating more :O, I won't lie I'm worried, what if it doesn't work and I just get fatter... Bleh, this isn't about some goal its a life style change and I'm going to try everything till I find what works for me. So I'll risk it, and be patient with the results. I have also invested in a heart rate monitor, so I can properly calculate how much calories I'm burning per workout, this is important because all those machines at the gym tend to over estimate. I can't wait for it to arrive.
Its a new day guyssss. Hope your weekend was relaxing.
I had a blast, iyanya is touring north america so I went to kukere with my friends looool.
Current weight -182.4 pounds
Height - 5 ft 7
Chest- 36.5
Till next week!!!!


  1. I live on that website. They have so much information that answers almost everything you need to know