Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Update and Meal plan PH 2

I know I said I will be back the very next day but I didn't make it * screen-free week*. I don't have a  meal plan either.

 Everyone knows for fat loss/ weight loss, nutrition is 80 % of the work. So far I have just been eating my regular foods. I had rice on Sunday and today I had spaghetti. The only change I have been able to apply to my nutrition is having a serving of vegetables with my meals and I also make sure I drink at least 3 cups of water everyday. I am giving myself a hall pass this week. I hope to take some time out this before the week runs out to make a meal plan.

Or maybe I should try a detox first before  coming up with a meal plan. *thinking*

On my exercise plan, I am on it and I can say that it hasn't been easy. Yesterday I thought my knees were going to give up after my squats. I was thinking to myself, that I was too ambitious with the number of repetitions. I had to take a break and then completed the rest in the evening.

Till next weigh in/measurements and update, keep moving and eating healthy

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