Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Starting Over

I last updated few weeks after my time flies. I got pregnant same month I got married and officially threw exercising and clean eating out of the window. I ate moderately but had ANYTHING i wanted...carbs, fats, anything. I gained a total of 6.5kg throughout the 9 months of pregnancy which i really applaud myself on. I didn't have to buy maternity clothes and went to work till the day of delivery.

However i've had my baby now (11 weeks old) and the weight isn't coming off. I was told exclusive breastfeeding would make me lose weight immediately but na lie joh. Infact I assumed i would weigh less immediately after delivery but i was 110kg on the day of delivery and still 110kg after delivery and my son weighed 2.8kg.

I took loads of tea and pap to build up my milk supply as I was exclusively breastfeeding. I'm getting ready to return to work next month and also ready to get back on the fitness programme. I can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes but the bust region on some especially the fitted shirts are really uncomfortable. The waist and hip of the clothes are fine.

Current statistics
Weight - 106kg
Bust - 47 (arrrgghhh I thought being busty naturally, breastfeeding wouldn't make my boobs increase)
Waist - 38
Hips - 49

My goal is to take things slow but with dedication. Since i'm still breastfeeding, i try not to tire myself out and only spent 20 minutes at the gym today. I had a terrible headache after 10 minutes so i cooled down then went back to my apartment. I still have a headache and its been hours. I'll try to work out atleast twice a week but I believe clean eating would help alot so i'm focusing on that.


  1. congrats on the wedding and the baby!

  2. Congrats! on the birth of your son.
    Lucky you with 2.8kilos.

    As for weight more research online.
    you can go Paleo on your diet....stick to foods that are closer to nature (if it comes from the ground or a tree), nothing processed or out of a packet (including oats and cereals, grains, anything made from flour) also remove dairy- you can do almond milk if at all (if you don't live in nigeria because it is hard to find sometimes) remove wheat a lot of eggs, any lean protein, any kind of vegetable prepared anyhow you like it- including sweet potatoes. No soy. limit fruits

    As they say Abs are made in the kitchen.
    workout should be mainly strength training with free weights if you were not sectioned and HIIT if you must include cardio.

    Best believe your milk production for your baby is in no way affected, as you are eating even healthier than usual. eats as much as you want of the veggies (they are carbs by the way) and lean protein.

    of course drink tons of water - half your weight in pounds

    Another thing you can add along the way is making your last meal protein only

    this is more of a lifestyle change and not some crash diet.
    when you achieve your goals you can once in a while eat bad food :)