Friday, July 5, 2013

Bumight: Week 10

So I haven't weighed myself still.
Waist: 28.5
Navel: 30.5
Lower abdomen: 32
Thighs, 20.5, 20
Hips: 39.4

My clothes are now loose! There's this pair of pants I have (size4) when I bought it, it fit snugly. I wore it to church and my pastor said it was too tight (which I disagreed on at that time, but story for another day). Now those pants are falling off my hips! I also have a pair of pants (size 6/8) that I wear quite often, noticed that it was falling off too, and the Boo actually said my butt looked small in it!, lol

I know store sizes are not uniform, but the common denominator is that my clothes are bigger, so I must be getting smaller! Abi?

I really haven't worked out this week. I only ran once this week (4 miles) and I hope to run on Saturday. My diet is crazy as my church just started our monthly fasting. The problem is I crave the absolute worst things when I break my fast! I've had pizza (thin crust tho) , cheesecake, fried rice, everything!

O well, I'm loving all my big clothes now! Hehehehe


  1. Aaaaah, Thank God I am not the only one craving.
    It's ridiculous.

    I'm at the point where I can easily fall off the wagon, but I refuse to let the progress I have achieved be in vain.

    It's even harder when people around keep screaming, stop losing weight you look ill. (and yet the jiggles are still there....hisss)

  2. Yeah, I just try as much as possible to enjoy excercising and keep it as part of my schedule. It's hard to not obsess over progress, but I know with time progress will come. Nigerians seem to think that it's only sck people that lose weight! Lol