Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 3 weigh in

So, I lost 0.4 of the 0.5 kgs I gained from week 2's weigh in. This, in spite of the fact that I massively fell off the wagon by having a slice of hilton's pastry shop cake, which I hated by the way! All those calories and I didn't even enjoy it!

I think I ate less rubbish in the past week than I did in the preceding week and I had a really busy week towards the end of last week with quite a bit of physical activity - not deliberate exercise though. Just mad dashing from one place to another, so maybe that's why I lost the weight. I also had less carbs i.e. rice and more beans and vegetable soups too.

I did the warm water and half a lemon juice thing first thing in the morning. However, I notice that I felt more hunger pangs or is it cravings on the days I did this. Normally, without the lemon water juice and just plain water first thing in the morning, I can go till about 2pm after I've had coffee or tea in the morning, before any cravings set in but last week, my hunger pangs set in quite early. I know that I tend to have cravings when I am bored, can't quite recall my boredom level at the office, from last week. So, I haven't started on the lemon water thing this week yet. I shall try it tomorrow and see how I feel.

I have re-installed my fitnesspal app on my phone, so keeping tabs on my calorie intake now. Still not started any exercises yet. I need to get my nutrition right cos I truly haven't yet.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who is being diligent and seeing the weight gradually fall off. You motivate and inspire me to do better with this.



  1. get a water bottle, and sip throughout the day (lemon water juice). i dont think i ever drink one cup of water at a go, yet i drink over a gallon of water in a day! it helps!

  2. Thanks Bumight. Will definitely try this.

  3. Good job on the weight you lost this week.I don't think the warm water and lemon drink in the morning is a substitute for breakfast, it acts like a cleanse and helps aid digestion.

  4. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kick starts your metabolism. No joke. I don't think water and lemon is cutting it for breakfast. I eat oatmeal every morning,these days around 5-5.30am and I don't feel hungry until noon.

  5. Oh wow! Thanks Okeoghene and Madame Sting! That explains my craving for food after I've had the lemon water in the morning. I shall incorporate oats and honey as breakfast and see how it goes.