Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Downtheaisle weigh in

Still haven't lost any weight from last week...well the scale refused to move, except for 2 inches from my waist, actually noticed my belt hole went two spaces back, so just took out the measuring tape to check....
In the last one week I have kept to the 'eat healthy rule'... plus lots of water,I am actually proud of myself on the water bit, as i noticed I get to fill my water bottle a few more times during the day.
I should confess my cheat times though....3 times of cheat with snack bar size of snickers.... and drinking tasting my son's juice sometimes too.
I also think the idea of letting people know you are on a diet might not exactly be bad  as they are on constant watch-out on you and they get a bit careful on what they offer you, even though it can get annoying..with their remarks....especially if they are Nigerians...they can be very rude about it!
My colleagues know I am trying to get on the healthy eating path, so that kinda keeps me in check because with their  loud mouth....I can be sure they would be quick to remind me when i want to indulge in some birthday cake,cookies or some office freebies.

I joined a dance session as well, and so far I think im feeling it, its a 1hr session with a dance instructor after work,this is not some zumba class, its dancing to real naija mix...its a whole lot of fun, where you do the 'azonto', 'shaking your bumbum','alingo','makossa' etc...its really really intense,you sweat it all out.After the session you actually know you've had a workout along with all the fun in the world. This happens 3times a week. The guy charges #1000 ($6)/hr so you only pay when you attend, which I think makes sense, afterall  I don't pay some bulk money for gym and attend only 5times in a month...and dash the rest to the gym owner.
The routine encompasses absolutely every form of intense aerobics you can think of, i'm only hoping I dont get bored with it after some time even though some ladies said they've been attending the sessions for over a year and they still look forward to the sessions everytime...well, lets see how it goes!

Thanks to sirius for the links in her last post, quite insightful....

 My stats remain the same except for my waist

Weight 99kg
Waist 40
Hips 46

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  1. The dance lessons make so much sense and the cost is fine too. It sounds like african zumba.