Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Okeoghene- Week 1

Waist : 37
Hips : 44
Thigh: 24
Weight : 178lbs
Height: 5'5"

I am a day late for this weigh in and  I apologize for this "too much flash" picture. From last week, I lost 3lbs and I was pleasantly shocked, I lost any weight at all. The only thing that changed from my routine is water. Before this challenge, I rarely drank water. I can go days without tasting water, except when I am brushing my teeth. I am a tea junkie. I drink tea with most meals. The information out there is so massive with losing weight or adopting a healthier lifestyle. So as not to be overwhelmed, I decided to take a baby step and make the change with drinking water. I downloaded a water-logger app, set it up with reminders on my phone and my water intake has improved. I also noticed improvement on my bowel movement.

For exercise, I used Jillian Michaels ripped in 30, 3 days this week and I also used the C25k app for alternate days. C25k is a couch to 5k program that helps to prepare one for running a 5k.

For nutrition, I have reduced my portions, and with all the water I am drinking, I am not as hungry. I started keeping a food journal yesterday which I intend to review every week, to note foods that are working for me and those that aren't.


  1. Lol @ Couch to 5k. That's a catchy name.

  2. I am intrigued by the couch to 5k ap is it an itunes app or android?

    1. Couch to 5k app is on both platforms. Very easy to use.