Monday, May 13, 2013

Bumight; Week 2

So I'm guessing this is my week 2 post.
So, I stepped on the scale today, and i weighted 159.5 Ibs!!!!
I have broken 160! woo-hoo!!!

I've been working out for months now, and somehow, I haven't broken 160, even though I noticed that I have become a little fitter! So what did I do different this week?

I usually try to run 4 miles, three times a week. Last week, I only ran on Teusday. Also I only made it to the gym once last week, instead of my three times a week (well, I did ab excercises on saturday sha). I recently started taking a fat burner pill. so really, I think the weight loss is due to the supplement. Its supposed to be used in conjuction with diet and excercise.

On the diet front, my diet is not as clean as it used to be: meaning, I ate more naija food last week. yeah, I made jollof rice, fried rice, beans etc (well, fried rice has all those vegetables in it, so it cant be that unhealthy? lol) One major thing I have been doing is portion control. When I eat my iyan, my vegetable soup is a LOT! like twice as much! I try not to eat a lot of rice (but that fried rice was so good!)

Another thing I do is when I'm making naija food, I try to measure everything I put in the food and then log it in myfitnesspal. What I noticed is naija food is not that unhealthy. For instance, the last time I made moi-moi, I logged everything, and it turns out one pouch of my moi moi is just 164 calories! Also, I try to make rice more of the side dish instead of the main dish and have it with chicken breast or a 4 oz steak.

One day, I'll put up a post about healthy eating: naija style! Anyways, I'm still on a high about my sub 160!


  1. Yay!!!Congratulations. I can't wait to hit 160.