Monday, May 6, 2013

Bumight- Week 1

I know this post is uber late, but I'm still going to put this up.

Current weight: 163.5 Ibs
Height: 5' 7"
dress size: 6

Its kinda a bit weird for me doing this, since I never considered myself big/fat. however last year say 2011/2012 I lost weight drastically, and i was down to 120 Ibs. It was so bad that everyone was trying to feed me, lol. Somehow I gained all my weight back and moer- and was almost pushing 170 Ibs! I think it was the various fast food and soda drinks I was consuming. Late last year, I decided that I needed to do something about it when I couldnt find ANYTHING to wear to church! as in NONE of my clothes fit.

From January this year, I've been on my best behaviour. I did the Daniel fast with my church and I dropped to 158 Ibs or thereabout. When the fast was over, I cleaned up my diet. Said bye bye to fast food, Soda, even a lot of my naija food.

I just started working out in March. Even though I have not seen the weight drop drastically, I've noticed that I'm fitter and my old clothes now fit. Clearly Ive learnt that its easier to pack on the pounds than to lose it, cos it seems like this fat is sticking to my body like glue!

Anyways, lets see if I can lose this 15 pounds and be a sexy size 4 forever!


  1. Welcome. seems like we both hv fat that sticks like glue but I am ready for it this time.

  2. loool about time you came here madam

  3. wat!!! size 6...I am beefing you forever!!!!

  4. hey booooo's follow my weightlosas journey on
    you will be entertained i promise..
    I think the first post you should read is"the fattest gyal in Lagos"