Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Phunkie's Tricks #1 - Plan Meals and Cook Ahead

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share a tip for healthy eating. 

My Tip for today: Plan meals and cook ahead! I realized very early into my clean eating lifestyle transition that to succeed, I had to plan ahead. The times I fell off the wagon were times I didn't have food on hand. I was literally caught off-guard! You know, that day you come home from work/school and because you are crazy hungry, you reach for the first thing in your fridge? yeah, that happened to me all the time. When I'm stressed, my healthy eating is the first to go! This is what I do now:

I plan ahead, sometimes even 2 weeks ahead. I determine what I want to eat for each meal and each snack. I typically plan for 3 meals a day and 1 - 2 snacks. I prep and cook my food on the weekends. I'm lazy, so I divide my work into two days. I prep veggies and boil meat on Sat, I cook on Sunday. If I am feeling extra efficient, I portion my meals (usually lunches) into my tupperware bowls and stack them in the fridge, that way, I can grab my food and go.

If my work schedule for the month is crazy, I cook two weeks worth of food. I freeze some, refrigerate the rest.  I replenish my supply of eggs, almond milk, greek yogurt, and bacon as needed.

This plans works well with Naija food.

Hope this helps.

Phunkie O

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  1. Thanks for these tips Phunkie O. My friend is always drumming this in my head too - about planning ahead. Really it's the key to not falling off the wagon often. And because you are actually thinking about what you are going to eat and preparing it yourself, it's much more likely to be healthier.