Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Healthy Food Options

I think it's really easy to say stop eating X, Y, Z because they are all carbs, but so difficult to do because our staple Nigerian foods are carbohydrates. Some people have gotten the food part down, and i would like people to start sharing healthy food options. Right now i am eating mixed veggies (the california blend - broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. You can get it from Target or Walmart) and Tilapia.

I just steamed the veggies and microwaved the tilapia with seasoned salt and black pepper. I will look for some pictures of other things i have made in the past. Please, feel free to share yours. Thank you guys so much for doing this. I haven't been contributing as much and i am about to get busier, so might even be participating less (will definitely do the weekly weigh ins). I am happy people are actually participating. I have a doctor who is a fitness expert lined up to do guest posts in the future. So if any one has any questions or topics they would like addressed, let me know i can pass it along.

I buy the already made salads - i forget what this is called and add some croutons and french dressing. Don't eat this as much any more because the salad comes in a big bag and it gets bad before i can finish it, so i stopped buying it

Oatmeal, dried cranberry (or banana or whatever you like) and soymilk. These days i just eat plain oatmeal and milk. 

I eat oatmeal, almost every morning.

Staple lunch or dinner. Tilapia and mixed veggies

I also eat a lot of beans - Black eye peas, 5 beans, Kidney beans, Chick peas, baby lima beans.  I usually buy the kidney beans and chick peas in cans. The rest i cook from scratch with tomatoes instead of oil.
So more liked stewed beans.I started eating unripe plantain a lot. In fact, that's my favorite food. Multiple people had to burst my bubble and tell me unripe plantain is still a carbohydrate, so i had to cut down on it. I hardly ever eat rice, it's just not a regular part of my diet.

I was actually 154lbs in dec. I gained a solid 10lbs this year because of school stress. I started eating crap. I would go to walmart and buy barbeque wings and hawaiian sweet rolls, and chicken nuggets. I went through a whole tin of Milo in a month. I wanted quick meals i didn't have to cook. Well, the result is staring me in the face. I know for a fact based on my personal experience that weight loss is mostly about what you eat, exercise is important to maintain the weight loss and be healthy but you have to put the right foods in your body or spend hours in the gym burning off calories, if not, the weight piles on.

I just tried Quinoa for the first time this weekend. It's a high protein grain and kinda a substitute for rice.


  1. Ok. Now I am challenged to think up healthy food options for those of us in Naija. Thanks for these tips madame sting. I shall try to incorporate some of them readily available here.

  2. Adele, a my fave naija food to eat when eating clean is boiled plantain with efo riro and meat/chicken!

  3. Thanks Phunkie O. That really sounds yummy. The only problem I have with eating "healthy" (carb-free or low carb) is that it sometimes gets quite monotonous and you just want something else. It always seems so restrictive especially on the typical Naija diet. However, as I type this, it also occured to me that typical Naija meals, of which carbs are a staple can also be quite monotonous with the only difference being the type of stew or soup one pairs the carbs with. Like my diet guru friend says, it's mind over matter... A renewing of one's "food" mind is required...

  4. First things first, unless all you eat is protein and fat, it is not possible to be "carb-free". Low-carb yes, but never carb-free. Veggies are carbs (they are not starches, but they are carbs).

    There is a lot of variety with Naija food. I try to focus on what I CAN eat versus what I CAN'T eat. Makes a world of difference.