Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beautiful: Week 1

I haven't lost any weight and I know why. You see, I have reasons to give on why I just can't go to the gym:
a) I get headaches after working out at the gym
b) I work as an IT Systems Analyst and don't get home before 11pm daily. On good days, I get home between half 8 and 10pm.
c) I have an event coming up in my life soon which takes up the whole of my friday nights and saturdays while church takes the whole of my friday mornings and afternoons (p.s: Weekends are Friday and Saturday where I live and Sunday is the first working day of the week so all "sunday" church services hold on Fridays).
d) There's a big gym about 10 minutes walking distance from my building and to be honest I actually went and registered but for 2 months, I never went in there so by the 3rd month when they called me saying I hadn't paid, I insulted them all and their manager saying they were all thieves.  Afterall, I never came into the gym after I registered so they would not collect any penny from me. Well, that didn't end well and my subscription was cancelled by MMA Fitness with a notice that I have to re-register as a new member if I ever change my mind and come back. Well, I told them I would not come back.

The headaches I get (re: a above) are manageable so that's not a strong reason but leaving work late just makes me think of food and my bed. Its really difficult to consider going to the gym when I'm that tired. The headaches are usually the same type I get when I wear my glasses for a very long time at work...usually at the forehead and include both eyes, not at the middle of my head or the entire head. I'm not sure if that makes any sense.

There's usually a workout room in most buildings but my apartment is on the 10th floor and the work-out room is on the 15th floor. The elevator stops on the 14th floor and when I get back from work at 11pm, I get really freaked out going upstairs by myself because its usually ghost-like at the stairs. The few times i've braved it up, there were always guys doing weight training so I had to wait for them to finish up. (p.s: I can't be in the workout room with religious men and they can't be in the workout room with me either so we have to take turns and its all just really draining so I usually just go back to my apartment and sleep).

I remember a conversation Alice and I had a few years ago (babe thank you for leaving me behind, you're now a sexy lepa o) that its more about what you eat. I try, I try really hard but veggies taste really bad, salad is tasteless, I can never eat brocolli or cauli, beans without palm oil is horrible. My favourite meals are fried plantain, proper beans with red oil, rice and bread...hmmm I love bread. What I've done is to have fruits for breakfast, then any of the staple foods I love for lunch and convince myself that I'll have weetabix for dinner lol, however when I get home I find myself munching on bread or frying plantain. I would appreciate some help regarding how to prepare carbs in a healthier way because I really don't like salads or veggies to be honest.

I'm trying to make small changes and not drastic ones which I can't maintain. I've totally given up soda until June 8th - my birthday. That hasn't been working well because I think I have "withdrawal symptoms" from coke I'm not kidding. I actually do have to PRAY when I see a can of coke because it takes all my self-control not to pop the can and just have some. I started the "no-soda" plan at the beginning of March but I had coke last week thursday sha I won't lie. Apart from that, I've been really diligent  It doesn't help that the company gives us lunch at the start of weekend; read as every thursday which is usually Mandi (Indian rice), Nandos fries, etc AND chocolate cake. There's also always soda in the office pantry but we have fruits as well, its just that apples don't appeal to me so I always have bananas which I've been told do not aid weight loss.

I have tried body magic and Levive nah didn't work, I did lose some weight by going to the gym in 2011 but steadily gained it all when I moved to my new location. Its difficult to plan meals, also I always have stew and when tired, I just buy bread from the store downstairs, microwave some stew, eat and go to bed.  I have tried to work out at home, hmmm that thing was just self deceit o, I have Zumba cds, weights, skipping rope, 30 day shred etc.

Lol, I'm sure you're wondering what the long epistle is for, well its just to let you know that I really do know what my problems are - "Laziness and Time constraint". When you know the problem, you can find a solution. If there's anyone out there who has any of these problems (I doubt there's any, all you work out people), don't feel alone but make an effort to tackle it. I'm going back to MMA Fitness after work to re-register with my tail between my legs and seriously hope they don't ask for payment as a new member all over....that stuff is just too expensive. I love challenges and being a part of this will spur me on.

Height - 5ft 7 inches

Week 1 statistics
Weight - 101.8
Bust - 43
Waist - 35
Hips - 49

I did lose 0.1 kg....that should count for something!


  1. awwww honey, i should call you, we should talk, you are right your problem is laziness, if you want changes you are going to have to go for it.

    your first problem, laziness.
    my friend working out that late after work isnt fun for anyone youll be mad tired and yeah its just hard, forget the gym. heres what you are going to do, WAKE UP EARLY!!!!
    yes even if it mean waking at some crazy time, get your workout in first thing!!!! so sleep early, first thing in the morning, work out at home, all those fitness dds dust them out and use them, follow one program and stick to it till you are done, then do another and another till you are comfortable working out then you can register at the gym. id recommend Jillian's 30 day shred, its only 20 minutes, stop all these excuses and get it done, change will only happen when you work for it. take more walks, and cut out the elevator in your building, use the steps.. yes its 10 floors but its great workout. on your way back from work everyday use the steps that will count as your nighttime workout, small changes babe. use steps everywhere, if you can walk somewhere do. you have to make the time, im sorry but this is just as important as church and any other engagement, its your health, its important, this isnt about looking good, its about your heart and all the things being over weight does to us, we plan to live very long.

    number 2 : your diet, again excuses, you love bread you love fried plantain!!! DPMO!
    we are tying to be healthy here, its about sacrifice, all of those are horrible, plantain drenched in oil, white bread that turns to sugar in you, palmoil with all its sat fat that you arent even eating minimally.
    1) No more complex carbs, all that bread, change to whole wheat whole grain, and een these should be eaten in moderation not more than 2 slices at once, change your rice to brown rice also, and your portions shouldnt be more than your fist. Brown rice tastes just as amazing trust me, buy Uncle Bens brown rice, its delicious, same thing with pasta, replace all with whole wheat.
    2) NO MORE FRIED FOODS..... if you are *dying* to eat plantain, cut them in slices like you would fry them, put then on a parchment paper and bake in the oven, same effect with no oil.. tada!!! and even that should be in moderation maybe once a week, 1 ripe plantain alone has about 300 cal, more if its a big one.
    3) Eat a really good breakfast, a big one, a lot of protein some fruits and some complex carbs, itd cut the cravings in the office and make your lunch at home and take with you, have healthy snacks in your drawer at work, nuts, fruits and ish.
    No skipping breakfast ever.
    4) Make one day a meal prep day every week, you can make your lunch and dinner for the week that day and freeze them in little rubbers or ziplocs....
    that way in the morning you take a bag to work and when you come back tired at night you can just microwaVe a healthy meal and eat, YOU HAVE TO FIND TIME TO MEAL PREP ITS IMPORTANT.
    5) incoporate veggies in every single meal... now i know you said you hate veggies, no one is asking you to eat salads, sometimes they can be boring especially if you araent creatie with meals, in your breakfast, fry the eggs with some spinach or any leafy greens, add tomatoes, in fact let the egg look like vegetable with eggs and not eggs with vegetables. that way you get your carbs from the veggies, add a little complex card like 1 slice of whole wheat bread or maybe some oats to that, some fruits and voila healthy breakfast.
    For lunch and dinner, same thing, more proteins, more veggies and less crabs, the biggest thing on your plate should be a lean protein and the veggies, the size of your carb should be half that, example of healthy crabs? brown rice, brown pasta, sweet potatoes, whole wheat whole grain breads... any other thing is a big fat NO!!!


  2. 6) clean out your fridge and pantry, if its simple sugar or processed food, toss it out today, as a rule of thumb if it isnt there you wouldnt eat it.. and if you dont skip meals when you are out you wont be tempted to buy crap.. eat 3 times a day UNFAILINGLY.. and snack healthily twice in the middle, nuts, good fats like avocados, fruits, those should be your snacks... btw how can anyone not like apples? there are other fruits though, pineapples, watermelons, grapes, berries, mangoes, peaches, kiwis, honeydew, take your pick.. no more excuses.

    7) Drink more water.. might seem like a lot but go out and buy a 1 gallon keg, aim to finish it everyday, the bigger you are the more water you need, you need that water to flush out the toxins and help your digestion and bowel more so that you poop out excess instead of storing it.. so water water water.

    8) all your proteins should be lean, leans meat cuts, chicken breast turkey breast, and seafood! seafood is always a healthier option

    9)all your dairy should be low or zero fat, so your milk and all of that... replace with skimmed milk.. you shouldn't even be drinking cereal so you dont need milk as much except you are cooking or making a smoothie

    10)that excuse of soda is bullshit!!! we arent kids anymore this is about change... you want something bad you want to be healthy, it has to go... no more sugary drinks... NONE at all... if you are drinking all that water i said your tummy should be full all the time sef.. so you wouldnt crave it.
    on that note no sugar also.. none! im not even sure what youd eat that will need sugar but if you must use a tsp of honey instead.

    11) healthy snacks, nuts( this should be eaten in moderation, thye contain a lot of calories, as a rule of thumb donot eat more than a handful at a time, incorporate them into other meals, like have some greek yoghurt and put the nuts in them. put some fruits in anything that you want sweetness in.
    smoothies are good snack options too.. for when you are home, blend some frozen fruits with skim milk and you can add some fresh fruits for sweetness in the blender, i always put a handful of grapes in mine to make it sweet

    12) Nigerian food... all that eba and soup laden with palmoil has to go.. it should be a delicacy something you eat once in a while... yes cook your stew use healthy oils like olive oil and use the oil in moderation

    13) always bake or grill over frying...

    14) just try your best, itd be hard and sometimes you will fall of and have a cheat meal but you should aim for 80% of clean meals.


  3. Alice has given you a mini tutorial on what to do and it might be a lot to take on at once. I suggest taking it one step at a time. You can do it. I would also recommend standing naked in front of a full length mirror and really looking at your body. No judgement. Just looking. As a motivation you can clip a picture of what you looked like at your slimmest. All the best

    1. that's the problem, my naked body isn't bad AT ALL. maybe its cos i actually do have a great figure. When I even say i'm on a diet, people around me will be like "ahn ahn you want to lose your shape", its not even motivating. Plus i've never been slim.