Thursday, May 9, 2013

Beautiful: Week Two

I'm really sorry for not uploading earlier.

I've been out of town for work and only just found a scale this morning.

I'm currently trying portion control and healthier eating. I have not stopped having rice or bread for dinner because they make me happy but i've reduced the quantity. I have stopped all poundo, amala etc and only have soup. I've also stayed strictly on fruits for breakfast. I had coke after church service on Friday and shared a can of malt yesterday.

I went to the gym to re-register before leaving town but the manger said I have to pay over a thousand dirhams (that's about 45,000 naira) to register afresh as my previous contract was cancelled so I just walked away.

For now, I do absolutely no form of exercising except you want to count my mall trips. I go to the mall atleast 3 times a week and spend minimum of an hour.

sorry for the grainy picture, I had to zoom the camera as there was no one to assist me and once you step off the scale, it goes blank in 5 seconds.

Week 2 statistics
Weight - 100.7
Bust - 43
Waist - 35
Hips - 49

See me see trouble, the scale shows that the weight is going off gradually... 1.1kg off this week (that's just too small joh) but the thing is that my clothes fit better. The tape rule doesn't show any reduction yet my clothes aren't as tight. I don't know if that makes sense.


  1. My dear that over 2lbs u lost in a week. You are doing great.

  2. When I start to loose weight I notice first in my clothes and then the scale too. And two pounds in one week is fabulous. I've heard when you lose more than two pounds a week the skin starts to sag though, personally I wouldn't mind it all coming off overnight!