Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Alice Week 1

Current weight -185.8

I'm sending this without a picture right now because I forgot yesterday and I'm out right now.. If I don't do this I'll probably forget again tonight.

I gained about 3.5 pounds this week, which frankly is impossible, I ate 80/20 clean, worked out every single day.... So I know this is my body reacting to the fact that I upped my calories a bit... I'm averaging about 1800 calories daily now, more on days when I workout twice, bringing me to a net of 1300-1400 on an average daily, there's no way I can be gaining weight from that. So what I'm seeing on the scale, is my body recovering from its period of starvation and holding on to every morsel of food and water, from what I've read this can go on up to 3 weeks.

Even though I have read and I understand the logic behind this, its really hard to watch the scale go up Instead of down and not reflect all my hardwork. Left to me I wouldn't have checked my weight this entire month if not for you guys.

Slow and steady right? This is me taking the biggest risk ever, for someone like me and how far I had come, climbing numbers is a very big deal and its killing me. I hope I am making the right decision.

Have a great week guys.. And make healthier choices


  1. Based on the simple equation which says if you take in/burn off more energy than you are taking in, then you should lose weight. Are you sure you are not exercising too much? I haven't heard of this before. I will ask my fitness expert.

    1. nah definitely not exercising too much, i hae cut it down drastically, heres a link to explain what i think is going on,

      id still appreciate any input from your fitness expert, thanks

  2. Sweetheart you are over training.
    I believe you are doing both cardio and strength training.
    It is very IMPORTANT that you body gets it's rest days or it will go into "starvation mode"

    I'm doing my best to kill it in the gym, but I'm not getting the results I want and I feel tired and sore all the time. What do you think Obi: Am I overtraining?
    You probably are. When I first started working out, I thought training 6-to-7 days per week for 3 hours per day would get me ripped way faster than the dude who trains only 3 times per week. It took me years to figure out that I was overtraining and I wasn't giving my body enough time to recover. You don't build muscles when you're training; you build them when you're resting. So if you don't rest, you can't build.

    Sometimes, it's difficult to tell if you're overtraining, but there's a difference between being sore from a tough lifting session and being sore from overtraining. If you are feeling consistent pain in your muscles and joints or have headaches, insomnia, and uninspired gym sessions - you might be overtraining. You need to give your body a break. If you feel really sore, it's not just okay, but necessary to take a day or two off. Resting a day or two does not mean you won't reach your fitness goals: it means you'll probably help yourself achieve them.

    More generally, here are some keys to healthy training - as opposed to overtraining:

    8 Signs You Are Overtraining
    3. You’re lifting/sprinting/HIITing hard every single day.

    Common Mistakes That Novice Trainers Make
    Train Everyday
    Train Muscle Too Frequently
    Too Many Sets Per Muscle Group
    Improper Nutrition

  3. I'm sorry you are going thru this. It is possible but yet so hard to see happen. You were over-training before, I'm glad to see you've cut down. Your body will reset itself. This is the time to do some restorative work. If you have the opportunity, please consider laying off the strength-training and doing Yoga instead. Yoga is a restorative but strength building exercise. Your body needs to heal now.