Sunday, April 21, 2013

We start Tomorrow.....

Competition starts tomorrow, Monday, April 21st and will last until July, 29th, 2013. Every Monday, you have to post a picture of your scale (with your weight, lol), and you can include the stats that were mentioned in a previous post, if you so desire. At the barest minimum, you need to record your weight.

I will tally the weight loss and see who's in the lead each week.

People who have signed up for the competition are
  • Sting
  • Mystoriesmytestimonies
  • Downtheaisle
  • Misdemeanor
  • Beautiful
  • Adele
  • Phunkie
  • Bumight
  • MissLara
  • Sugabelly
  • Kaura
  • Okeoghene
  • Izzie
  • AliceDCL
I still have 4 more invites that have not been accepted, so we'll see if there will be more.

So Monday morning bright and early (or whenever you can get to it), post your starting weight. If along the way you can't post a picture, i will accept your word but pictures are always better.

Thanks guys for doing this. Let's get healthy. Bumight is ready to murder people with her bikini body this summer. lol.


  1. weight 190 pounds
    height 5ft 8inches
    waist 35

  2. I'm not sure how we are supposed to add the photos, in a new post? I cant seem to find the option to do it. Help me? Anyway sha:

    Weight: 189.6lbs
    Height 5ft 7

  3. hi, you need to create your own post with your stats i think.

  4. Hey! How do i put up my own stats?

  5. Hello Sirius. You create a post with your stats. You can do this by going through your blogger dashboard which has all the blogs you are following. There, you have the option of creating your own post on a blog where you have author permissions such as this. I'm also a newbie at this blogging business. You can get to blogger dashboard through the google home page, click on more and you'll see the blogger option, click on that and you'll be directed to the blogger dashboard. I hope this helps. :-)

  6. Thank you Adele!!!
    Will try this out now

  7. No luck.
    i didn't get any invitation, so i don't know how i can create my own post

    1. I have 2 open invitations from naijaamazon and chiyken(didn't finish spelling it out).... Are any of those you? If yes, check ur spam for the invite. If no, what's ur email address so I Can add u.

    2. yaaay!
      none of them are me.

      email is


    3. I just added you. You can always post your weight from last week and then join in for the week 1 weigh in on Monday, so you can catch up. Nice to have you on board :)