Friday, April 26, 2013

Phunkie's Tricks #2 - Frozen Veggies + Rotisserie Chicken

Hi guys!

How are y'all doing. I'm out next week for a conference for work, and so thought to make one more post before I am MIA.

On my journey to eating clean, one thing I have realized is that for me (being the lazy woman that I am), I don't like "long tinz" in other words, sometimes, I like to make things a little easier for me. One of the ways I do this is by purchasing frozen veggies and rotisserie chicken.

Contrary to popular thought,, frozen veggies are equally as nutritious and some times even more nutritious than fresh veggies (unless you live in Naija). Here in the US, veggies (from the big chain stores) usually come from far places. Nutrients get lost in this transition. Meanwhile for frozen veggies, they are picked in prime season and frozen immediately, thereby trapping the nutrients.

I especially like to buy the frozen veggies that can be steamed right in the bag (I avoid the ones with sauces). This makes my life super easy. I get my bag from the freezer, pop in the microwave for 5 mins and voila! my steamed veggies are ready to be served.

In this theme, when I am super busy at work, I go to the grocery store and purchase a rotisserie chicken. Yes, I buy a whole chicken. It goes a long way for my single self. I avoid the ones with maple or honey and just buy the plain smoked or roasted ones. I live in Texas, so I LOVE me some charred meat read: BBQ. I go to my favorite joint and purchase 3-4 servings of my meat of choice, usually brisket.

So a typical meal for me would be:

Steamed veggies + avocado + rotisserie chicken (or brisket).

Nice, healthy, lean and takes 10 mins to throw together!

Hope this helps!

Be well,

Phunkie O

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