Monday, April 22, 2013

Isha Starting Weight

Seems everyone is waiting to see a weight that's higher than theirs before they post. Lol. I guess i'm about to help y'all out.

Starting Stats
Weight: 97.8kg
Waist: 38in
Height: 5'4" (or so)
Bust: 43in
Hips: 48in
Thigh: 30.5in

My former trainer said BMI wouldn't be accurate for me because of my bone density. Ah well.

Well, a little about me. I'm in Lagos. Work as an Eletrical Engineer by day, and I have a side business by night. I like food, I just have to figure out how not to get fat by eating. Lol. I already started my weight loss program at the beginning of this month, before I read about this. Then, I weighed 98.5kg. I guess, any progress is good progress. Hehe.

I'm pretty active - Stairs (yes they count, like pedestrian bridges), Salsa, Wii Fitness Trainer, Walking (like along Ozumba Mbadiwe), lunch-time gym-date, Saturday morning runs, Sweating (yes that counts too, lol).

I want to lose weight because I want to know how slim I can be. I don't know my ideal weight. The slimmest I've ever been was in JSS3, after the boobs grew out, other parts seemed to follow.

I look forward to competing!

(Madame Sting, I think each person should keep an exercise/food diary, so that each week, the winner can share her (are we all girls here?) 'weight loss secrets. Abi?)



  1. BMI is really not an accurate measurement for people of our origin, and most athletes, so don't worry about it. By my last measurements I had lost 10 inches and 1 pound (I gained muscle hence a net loss of 1 pound, and clothes are fitting much nicer) but my BMI had gone up! Ridiculous!